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  1. Great to have you back :D

  2. Oh sorry, my phone's in my bag I haven't used it since school. I'll check it in a bit.

  3. I texted you, suckaaaa, tb

  4. Could you ask if you're allowed into our libraries when you're at uni? If so you can just lob the book in the box yourself, you don't need my ID, they just ask you to scan it. The machine that does it in Oldham Robards is amazing too.

  5. It's you've got some free time soon, can you chuck that book my way so I can return it to the liberry? Thank you.

  6. Shit's gettin' REAL in the words you hate thread. Haha.

    Such mischief!

  7. There's nowt really on at ze flicks I fancy. Except Planet of the Apes and even on that I'm meh. How you doin'?

  8. Answer your phone!!!

  9. because I didn't hear it, ASS WEE!



  10. Slept until 1pm, innit.


    Tried to phone you before, but you didn't answer, dickwad!

  11. I know you're not really interested, but my new drum kit is fit mayte, lyke.

    Are you feeling better today?

  12. Yay, back safe? Good! :D

  13. Did you get a sleeping bag?

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