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  1. Them prices are ridiculous, the band is getting greedy. I understand inflation, but I paid £10 to see them at the Astoria in 2000!!
  2. I know someone has already mentioned the lower seats and standing stamps, but roughly what is the capaticy of that? Just trying to figure out my chances of getting in there. I don't really want to be miles away but happy with the lower seats. I don't think they've announced if there's going to be another support yet either? Looks like every gig has 2 supports, so may be due an annoucement this week or early next?
  3. I've done some research and the S5 looks to be what you need.... I'm going to be in Berlin from Saturday morning to Monday morning - would any Berlin'ers recommend what U/S Bahn tickets to get - just a day pass each day? The 3 day passes for tourists are over 22 euro - I won't need that! Are ticket checks strict in Germany? Went to Cologne in March and not an inspector in sight
  4. The Groove I saw at V2004 Can't Take My Eyes Off You at the Re:Covered TV show recording, they played it 3 times Eternally Missed at Leeds festival 2002 Minimum at the Astoria in 2000 Hate This & I'll Love You at Brixton in 2001 In Your World at Docklands in 2002 I think it was...
  5. Time for an update too! Sunburn Muscle Museum Fillip Falling Down Cave Showbiz Unintended Uno Sober Overdue Hate This and I'll Love You Minimum Agitated Forced In (partial) Nishe (partial) New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hyper Music Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Screenager Dark Shines Feeling Good Megalomania In Your World Dead Star Can't Take My Eyes Off You Eternally Missed Apocalypse Please Time Is Running Out Sing For Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Interlude Hysteria Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print Endlessly Thoughts of A Dying Atheist Ruled by Secrecy The Groove Take A Bow Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique Soldier's Poem Invincible Assassin Exo-Politics City Of Delusion Hoodoo Knights Of Cydonia Man Of Mystery Uprising Resistance Undisclosed Desires United States Of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage) Guiding Light Unnatural Selection MK Ultra I Belong to You (+Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix) Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) Supremacy Madness Panic Station Survival Follow Me Animals Explorers Liquid State The 2nd Law: Unsustainable The 2nd Law: Isolated System + all the random jam's and stuff too. Still need to see Fury live!
  6. I could move mine back to but I think the only direct flight to Birmingham is 9am, all the others require changes and I really can't be bothered with that. I'll just have to leave my hotel about 6am and be done with it I'm staying at the Ibis Styles Mitte, looks good from TripAdvisor reviews.
  7. I'm affected by the flight changes as well, not too bad. Going early the Saturday - think they only moved it by an hour or so to 9am, but coming back Monday is now 9am instead of 13.30, so that's going to be a killer after the show!
  8. Also coming over from the UK for this show as I cannot make the UK dates. Suprised how quick the tickets came, would never get that here with Seetickets!! Also doing the £79 return on Lufthansa from Birmingham, nice and cheap and easy to get to! Saturday to Monday - lovely stuff. Got to sort a hotel next - any recommendations from Berliners for places that are close to bars/restaurants & tourist areas?
  9. I'm thinking about it. I'm on holiday for all the UK shows (booked it a few months ago - annoying clash!) - really want to see them and Rome seems appealing. Looking at flights but trying to work out the best route! Where are you flying from?
  10. Sorry, but that's not true, my best mate's parents live in Old Knebworth village,almost right next to the park arena, and got jack shit when they tried to complain about noise for Sonisphere and RHCP earlier this year. Still think you could be right with the Knebworth or MK prediction, I hear stuff happening at Knebworth through contacts, so will post if I hear anything. (Although may have to be careful of course!)
  11. I'm still not convinced there won't be a 2nd barrier / golden circle at Wembley, there was one for Green Day in June. From the Stade De France pics I can see there was a 2nd barrier,was this shut off or could you enter the front area from the sides? I would have thought they would just do the same for Wembley.... 10 years since I first saw Muse headline the Astoria. They have gone a long way!
  12. Sorry bit late... but mmmm... might not be able to remember all the dates Astoria, London - June 2000 Brixton Academy - May 2001 V Festival 2001 London Docklands Arena Leeds Festival 2003 Wembley Arena 2004 Glastonbury 2004 V Festival 2004 Reading Festival 2006 Earls Court x 2 Wembley Arena 07 x 2 Wembley Stadium night 1
  13. Seen Muse 14 times since 2000 and seen all these Sunburn Muscle Museum Fillip Falling down Cave Showbiz Unintended Uno Sober Escape Overdue Hate this & I'll love you New Born Bliss Space Dementia Hypermusic Plug In baby Citizen Erased Microcuts Screenager Darkshines Feeling Good Megalomania Apocalypse Please Time is Running Out Sing for Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Hysteria Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print Endlessly Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist Rule By Secrecy Take A Bow Starlight Supermassive Black Hole Map Of The Problematique A Soldier's Poem Invincible Assassin Exo politics City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia Also: Dead Star Forced In Minimum Agitated In Your World The Groove Crying Shame Yes Please Ashamed Can't Take My Eyes Off You Man Of Mystery Only album track I haven't seen is Falling Away With You!
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