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  1. London, level 1 block 112, ticket price £125, Service charge £12.70, Facility Charge £2, delivery charge 70p, handling charge £2.25. total: £142.65 For anyone else's info! Hezz
  2. Crap! It worked!! 😮 good luck everyone! Hezz
  3. Well, it got to 10am and the spinning wheel stopped .. unfortunately I think that means that the presale is all sold out! I was trying since 9am and nothing but a spinning wheel, couldn't even get in to enter a code or see how much tickets were! Think I might wait until the week before and see what cheap tickets are going on resale, so disappointing! Glad some of you managed to get in though 🙂 I was lucky enough to be in a radio station interview session with them and got to ask them a question, I will take that away as being my best ever MUSE moment 😄 Enjoy the show! Hezz
  4. Eek! That's normal pricing not resale pricing or VIP tickets?? 😮
  5. Thanks, is that including fees etc?
  6. @zoelhilditch you're lucky! I am sat with two web browser windows and the mobile site and getting a spinning wheel of doom on each page! Could anyone who has London tickets please post the prices on my thread here: thanks!
  7. I had emailed customer services, got a reply at 09:06 try customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com Still can't get on for London tickets ..
  8. Just got my code! Presale doesn't seem to be open yet, got a spinning wheel.....
  9. Hi, if anyone manages to get into the 9am presale (as I haven't been sent my code either) please could you post the prices (both excluding & including fees / delivery etc) for level 1 seats and general standing? I have a friend who has set a budget and if it goes over that price she won't want to go. I don't want to get in the queue for 2 tickets at 1pm if I only need 1 🙂 Many thanks - let's hope the codes come in the next 10 minutes - or that they postpone the presale until they have sent them! cheers Hezz
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