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  1. Hi,


    I haven't used this messageboard for literally years, could you delete my account please?





  2. my band now have a demo in case i didnt mention it... the final mix is done and everything and you can hear samples of the first mix at http://www.websamba.com/naxos. and you can find lyrics and tracklistings and all kindsa stuff at my bands site (see my sig) Anyone wants a copy PM me or something... STEVE
  3. cool stuff... i know what you mean about it tho the rhythm guitar bit on the chorus is supposed to be much more in your face and you dont hear the bass quite as much... but aside from that you like it which im quite pleased about...
  4. i assume youre talking about someone elses download site coz the downloads on my bands site SHOULD be free!
  5. ok youve reduced me to the indignity of begging; PLEEEEEEEEEEEASSEEE listen to my bands download page! Im so desperate for feedback about these songs lol I guess i timed the posting badly... i posted about my bands page while everyone was still raving about send in the clones (which i liked btw but you get what i mean lol) STEVE
  6. my band now have a download paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage! http://www.websamba.com/naxos YYAAAAY!!! It has the first draft mixes of three of the songs from our new demo... the vocals have been re recorded, guitars and percussion added and messed about with... Basically don't judge us too harshly on these recordings theyve been COMPLETELY remixed and fiddled with since! Contact me if you want a copy of the demo ;-) anyone from stoke on trent we're playin a few gigs there come october check our site out groups.msn.com/thedoultonslive Ive been endlessly plugging my band lol please let it b worth it i love send in the clones. listening to it as i write this message. VEERRY snazzy and cool. A song to sway to. enjoy! STEVE
  7. greetings again all, I'm guessing there's no one from the Stoke on Trent area here but worth a shot lol My band are playing a battle of the bands at the Talbot Hotel, stoke, ten bands r playing so doors open @ 3pm. the rest of the bands are punk and metal, which my band are not so you shouldn't have trouble recognising us lol We're also playing "the rigger" on may 12th supporting a band called "kone" pleeeasse check out our site it's much better than when i last posted here... groups.msn.com/thedoultonslive STEVE
  8. *SHAMELESS PUBLICITY!!!* Anyone from Stoke on Trent kinda area my band "The Doultons" are playing a support gig, incidentally also our first gig on March 11th at the Glebe in Stoke. Come and watch us play... waaatttccchhh uuuusssssssss....*shameless publicity ends*
  9. The Doultons; http://groups.msn.com/TheDoultonsLive/shoebox.msnw?albumlist=1 Unfortunately all we have at the moment is this rather odd msn site with photos from our jamming sessions, (proper site coming soonish) but we are gigging and have loads of songs, but don't really want to list them all as there are over 30...
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