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I can't believe this!! Please, someone tell me I'm not dreaming, Muse are coming to Sziget Festival!! :dance: :dance:


haa so you are coming too :DD this is just epic :awesome:

i am going with my friends, and Laurie is coming too :DD i'm so excited about seeing Muse live and meeting awesome peeps at the same time :dance:


okay, but if i want ticket for only one day to see 'muse'? 173/7?


please tell me that you're coming, too please please :rolleyes:

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i have my ticket too, its gonna be great, i cant wait to visit hungary haha

and yeah the price for a day ticket is only 45euros, its the cheapest festival of this year with muse i think


the cheapest is the coke live festival, 30€ :LOL: but it's still cheap. i'm definitely going :D

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