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  1. For Paris, we had 5 votes, and, if I'm not mistaken, they only mentionned a top 5 as well. So they would actually have gone beyond what they "had" to.
  2. Concerning the footage of the gig: I think at the time of the gig I had mentionned in a thread that the gig was going to be recorded for sure: I work at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and everything is filmed and kept (partly because it is part of Unesco's legacy). I work nowhere near the legal department of the festival though, so I don't know to which extent bands get to release the material themselves, or have to do so through the festival, etc. All year round on the festival's website, and also during the festival on some ipads that are put on site, people can look through the archives and actually watch a lot of past concerts. Muse's 2002 gig is obviously available; however, I went through the catalog last year, and 2016's gig is listed but unavailable to watch, which means that the contract that was signed prevents the festival from broadcasting it. Again, I have no idea to which extent the band could do so themselves. Now, yesterday, there was on outing/meeting for all of the festival's managers (which I am one of). It took place at a Montreux Jazz Café (which is a franchise that the festival have developped, and you can find them in various places across Europe, and I think a few outside as well). The one we went to, though, is at the EPFL, which is basically Lausanne's research institute and university. The team that is digitalizing and remastering the whole of the archives works from there, because as they explained yesterday, there is basically a legal loophole in Switzerland which makes copyrighted material available for research and academic purposes. They explained to us that the various Jazz Cafés have access to approximately 14% of the archives (gigs are constantly being shown through screens there), but, at this particular one at the EPFL, they can show 80% to the general public (and it's up to the user: they have a few ipads there, and an immersive room where you create your own playlist). So obviously, I checked to see if the 2016 gig was available. While it is not on the ipads, it is in the immersive room! Given that many people wanted to select their own gigs, I only watched 2 songs, but I intend on going back and watching the whole thing-- and it's open to the public. So long story short: if you're ever in Lausanne, you can watch the whole gig at the EPFL's Montreux Jazz Café.
  3. Ah yes, fair enough. I guess if you're not queueing you could get it at the time you're planning on entering the venue?
  4. On the Guardian Q&A thing, Matt said they were going to play Thought Contagion for sure. And no idea about the wrist band! But in case you're wondering, you can pick it up from 1pm.
  5. No I know, and it sometimes seems like it actually boils down to heavier songs in smaller venues vs hits in arenas. I only meant to add given the band's current choices, I don't believe that bringing back these songs would solve much (but I do think that as is regularly suggested, bringing more rotation to the sets would be the most logical improvement to do).
  6. Unfortunately, I also think that if Muse started playing this same type of setlist on a more regular basis, the same complaints would inevitably come up as the songs become less and less rare. But that's sort of another argument.
  7. Just saw that, thanks! It's a bit more of a hassle this way but the price is almost half that of flights to Belfast, so definitely more doable.
  8. Cheers, will look into that! Direct flights to Belfast are super expensive right now, so I'm trying to find a way around that.
  9. Is there anyone driving from Dublin to this (that would have an available seat)?
  10. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but to people with stalls tickets: do you also have row and seats numbers on your confirmation email? It's making me a bit nervous.
  11. In case someone prefers to be seated, I would gladly exchange my ticket(s) for a stalls standing one. Please PM me if you're interested!
  12. The Montreux Jazz Festival records ALL of the gigs and the footage is part of Unesco's world heritage. The recording exists but I'm pretty sure it's not up to Muse to release it.
  13. Is anyone from here going to this one?
  14. This, really. I swear that yesterday after futurism (or micro cuts, can't remember), some people were yelling "DEAD STAR". Really?! Also, not saying that they shouldn't try and include more rarities (whatever that means) at regular gigs, but saying that this was done on purpose to piss off everyone that went to the arena shows is just ridiculous. They actually wanted to do something special for Montreux, but were quite anxious/nervous about the reaction they would get from the crowd.
  15. You're welcome! Yeah I guess it's a matter of preference. Also, two more things: the festival has a strict policy regarding videos/photos (as in they are forbidden). People still film, but I guess less than usual. And the festival also records every gig because it's part of Unesco's immaterial heritage (hence the restriction).
  16. I've only skimmed through the latest posts about Montreux, but a few useful clarifications: - it is NOT a regular festival. You buy tickets for each gig individually, like a series of arena shows. Besides, the tickets were super expensive (around 75£) and sold out in 3 minutes. - crowd is shit because crowds are shit in switzerland.
  17. Oh btw, if anyone's interested: https://www.facebook.com/events/247170942311992/
  18. Yeah it is! It will be recorded for sure, but I'm not sure about broadcasted: it's pretty rare but it happens sometimes. If so, it will be announced on the 2nd.
  19. Hm I think if you're not going for barrier, anywhere will be fine; the venue has great acoustics (supposedly, I don't know much about sound), and there are two screens on the sides of the stage. However, I would get there for the doors' opening because it's going to be pretty packed, and one hour between opening and gig is not much.
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