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    Too damn idealistic.
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    The Gaslight Anthem own my heart.
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    Lord of the Rings
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    Kill Bill I and II
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    Criminal Minds
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    All CDs + H.A.A.R.P, Hullabaloo DVD, Absolution DVD.
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    16.11.09 - Cologne, GER
    20.11. 09 - Munich, GER
    02.06.2010 - Stade de Suisse, Bern
    06.06.2010 - Rock im Park

    21.08.2010 - Coke Festival, Poland
    10.09.2010 - Wembley, London, UK
    11.09.2010 - Wembley, London, UK
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  1. Happy Birthday Claudia! :party::happy:

  2. happy birthday! :kiss:

  3. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D

  4. Happy birthday, Claudia! All the best :party:

  5. Hey, just wanted to say, I love your icon.

    What picture was that from?

  6. I think they've only been dating for 4 months now though... but I actually said to me to never try for a man who's taken... (maybe I should make an exception here ) Australia would be awesome: I looked up flights months ago, 1300€! If I kept my whole money from July and August I could've paid for the flight:LOL: Oh god this is so bad I always heard "drama boy" lmao :LOL: Win!
  7. How can one not love that smilie?! It's amazing. I know but he's got a gf anyway... And those muscles... hug please? I was saying "I hate you" aaaaall the time after she did it though secretely I was thankful because I was too scared to add him. Can we please steal a plane and fly to the US I wanna see Muse again.
  8. I love that smilie. I don't stand a chance. What's funny and sad at the same time is the fact that I started working at my old store August 2008 and he left that store in August 2008. Fucked up timing. Damn, I could've known him for 2 years now already!
  9. Remember the other hot guy at work I (or Claudi) told you about? Well me and him were the last two in the store today and it was very nice to spend some "alone" time with him. Talked a bit about the Octoberfest and the days where we will have drunk people in the store at noon. He is so cute. And he has lots of pictures from his last vacation on FB with no shirt on.. Wembley <3
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