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Say Hugh Manson was building you a guitar


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What little gadgets would you get him to build into it for you?

I'd have one of those bleeper things that go off when you whistle, that way you'd never lose your guitar.

I'd also have a mini camara on the back of it so I could check to make sure my flies were done up, thus saving any embarrassing rockstar tackle moments.

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6 letre V12

20" Chrome Alloys

Glove Compartment

Small Lamp

Gas/Electric Fire

Air Con

Built in Airport Internet

12 Meg Broadband

Digital TV Reviever

12 acres of Land

5 car driveway


English/Japanese translator

L plates


CD player

and a fuzz factory :D


I like the way you think. I don't need the L-plates though - do you think I could get a discount?

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Erm these are serious because i was thinking about it last night when i was in bed.


Cup holder

burger holder

small compartment to hide valuables whilst on the road (hide valuables inside bigger valuables they never think to lookthen)

lipstick holder

automatic tuner, it takes a sample of the string every 10 seconds then automatically tunes it, its all very intelligent rly.



10" screen, at least.

ice dispenser.

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All that on a guitar, and all I would want is a new ECM, a set of Pirelli Scorpion Sync's and a GPS.



I don't think I'd ever get a Manson. I'm more of a Tyler/Suhr guy. Tyler builds you the guitar that he want's you to have, but it's a killer guitar. Suhr will build you anything as long as it is Fender derived, when it gets there it will be 10 times better than you thought it would be.


Besides, I'd get killed on the exchange rate. Best to leave Hugh to building for you all over on that side of the pond.




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