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  1. Great idea !! BECAUSE the jack design they use is a bit shitty, if you are putting your cable through your strap as nearly everyone does, using the bullet input jacks or whatever style they are called... The pressure on the lead leaning one side eventually wears the contacts out and you cant get inside to angle it back. (Hence why i had to renew the jack on my rapture!). I'm guessing that's a standard input jack put on the pickguard to solve this.
  2. yup !!! sometimes roll the bass boost back a lil bit as it sometimes gets a bit too beefy for me ! But yeah that's how i use it !
  3. Wow, not been on here in so long which is a shame ! But I'm selling my Pedulla Rapture and it felt only right to advertise here ! i've had this bass for around 10 years and it is a young 20 years old itself now . To be brutally honest i'm skint and i actually play my cheaper bass over this now. I can't warrant owning it to stare at ! If anyone knows anyone that would be interested then i would much appreciate it if you could direct them to this . Thank you ! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251792430182?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Bit late.. i bought one due to the price ! i read its essentially a voodoo labs clone and i can't fault it so far. noiseless and has worked fine everytime ! only cons.. its large and the tribal logo is totally naff
  5. oh right yeah good point.. who cares. who cares about anything, fuck muse. fuck this shit
  6. Has anyone else seen this yet ?? http://www.nme.com/news/noel-gallagher/69067 The mans a joke. Going nowhere so all he does now is pretend to be hard and talk down to other musicians. Great way to end a very boring career, featuring the same three chords and monotonous drone from a pair of wasters. If he really was that cool. He wouldn't be at the brits they are for kids. Then he wouldn't talk to NME .. ABOUT the brits to get attention.. FROM KIDS !
  7. why are they not good for sound ? but yeah your totally right, I'm gonna eBay my tickets and just listen to Cd's at home cause its all near enough the same thing. I'm not saying they'll be worse but i've been to enough muse gigs now to know that some are special and some are.. well not. I agree in a sense that Manchester, London and Coventry will all be the same. If there was a wembley date id be going to that one because i know it wouldn't be the same. in fact.. id be going on the SECOND day because yet again, it wouldn't be the same. well i hope so anyway, if Coventry is poo i'm converting to radiohead.
  8. sigh. ? i'm guessing its for the typo and not the fact? Because if you have ever been to both stadiums you'd know. Wembley was designed with gigs in mind. Emirates was not. Far too many houses right outside as well. Sigh.
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