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Cannot access the boards via Firefox, help please!!


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I tried accessing these boards via Firefox, and some unusualness happened...


This comes up like anything else when i try to save a file. I'm not trying to save anything like a file.. I was just trying to get to the messageboards through my usual link, http://www.board.muse.mu right through the front door.

So then I try to hit open using firefox. All i get is a white page of coding.

So I'm back to my old browser of Internet Explorer until this can be resolved. I'm not certain if the error is on my end or the server's, but I had no trouble using Firefox until the crash earlier today.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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okay, the restart didn't exactly do the trick, but I found a way in. http://www.board.muse.mu is where i had the problem.

http://board.muse.mu/index.php worked though... so as long as I did the /index.php it will work. Thanks anyways!

I have the same problem and this solution didn't work... However, through Google Chrome everything seems to work fine. :confused:

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