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2017.09.22 - Life Is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas NV, US


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Oh cool! Since they've played the exact same setlist since coming back to the States, this hopefully means we get some good pro shots of B&H and TaB.


Unless they don't play them. :$


Watching the Pro Shot now...I have to say, Matt's sounding really great of late and he's giving way more to the showman side than the last 2 years...he genuinely seems a bit more free'd up and loose...That's one of the best version he's done of "Dead Inside" in a long time, love the jams around it...

He just seems to be enjoying a lighter tour schedule and he's giving more in his performances...Nice to see.

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I saw that in yesterday's paper:eek:


Craziness, right? :stunned:


Trying to take my mind off of the Napa/Sonoma wildfire garbage going on in my area. Time to post pix!! I was pretty off to the side, so I didn't get too many pictures and zero of Dom & Morgan.







And I got to see Chris and the rest of the band the next day. Great way to end to that trip :happy:




Rest of the pix here:

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