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  1. I forgot my own username on here it had been so long since I signed in lol. I don't like the new ML at all, they killed that for sure :(

  2. aaahh yes how could i ever forget that! just forgot your name sorry :chuckle: but yeah it's a shame. especially when the atmosphere on this board can be a bit nasty sometimes... i think a lot of people went off muse during the last two album eras, and social media is definitely killing good old messageboards! and since ML updated it's just not as convenient anymore. :(

  3. I was LynneR remember the ticket for 13th at the O2? longggg time ago lol, I don't think anyone posts over there any more, it's not like it used to be :(

  4. i did indeed! just haven't posted there for aaaages. don't recognise yours i'm afraid, who were you on ML??

  5. Hey did you have the same username on ML?

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