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Reading & Leeds 2017


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Take A Bow has been part of every tour since its release. Muse just seem to think it suits certain type of gigs better than others, so sometimes it only appears for the stadium tour, and then only the arena tour for the next album etc.

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I think both take a bow and assassin will be played at R&L but not the full album. It's the 20 years birthday of the newton abbot demo this year it would be amazing for them to bring back some songs like Falling With the Crowd. (but i doubt they even remember that this song exists)

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I think it'll just be a gig, tbh.


I can't deduce any 'special' reason for it, and none have been hinted at.


I guess with the studio time/pics, they could be recording an EP or something like that that would become the focal point of the show, but that seems unlikely to me.


I'd just assume we'd be looking at a career retrospective to date to call time on the Drones era, like V Festival in 2008 closing out the BH&R era.

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