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2015.07.13 - Musilac Festival, Aix-les-Bains, France


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Just bought a couple of tickets for me and a friend. Utter nightmare because there's no English site for Musilac and I'm just an ignorant Englishman.


Anyone know anything about this festival haha? Is the atmosphere, etc. alright?

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Did they really play both CE and Uno at one gig? holy f...

Yes they did. :)


Frankly, I was disappointed overall as the sound was very weak and nowhere near loud or clear enough. Part of the problem is the layout of the site itself, which is deep and narrow, so only those at the front got the best experience. There were even quite a few boos from parts of the audience during the quieter numbers, due to the crap sound, and more complex pieces, such as the Munich jam, sounded a complete sonic disaster from where I was standing. :(

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