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  1. Hi Musers, I'm trying to make a live compilation of some Muse songs I like. I drafted a setlist but I doubt it is well ordered. Could you help me with it ? (I tried to use good quality videos, that's why I only have recent live videos). Thanks 1) Intro + Knights of Cydonia (HAARP) 2) Map of The Problematique (iTunes) 3) Psycho (Vieilles Charrues) 4) Bliss (Live 8) 5) Resistance (Rock am Ring) 6) Unintended (HAARP) 7) Sunburn (War Child) 8) Fury (Royal Albert Hall) 9) Interlude + Hysteria (Glasto 10) 10) Sing for Absolution (Glasto 04) 11) New Born (Japan) Jam : Monty Jam 12) Uprising (Japan) 13) Dead Inside (iHeart) 14) Supermassive Black Hole (HAARP) 15) Citizen Erased (Glasto 10) 16) Madness (Rome) 17) Intro + Apocalypse Please (Glasto 04) 18) Blackout (HAARP) 19) MK Ultra (Rock am Ring) 20) Panic Station (Austin) 21) Plug in Baby (Rome) 22) Mercy (Download) Jam : Munich Jam 23) Supremacy (Rome) 24) Butterflies & Hurricanes (HAARP) 25) Lies (Live Lounge) 26) The Handler (Vieilles Charrues) 27) Invincible (HAARP) 28) Explorers (Japan) 29) The Groove (Vieilles Charrues) 30) Futurism (Zepp) 31) Time Is Running Out (Rome) 32) Reapers (Fuji) 33) Starlight (Mayan)
  2. Let's assume Muse would just do an arena tour : will the setlists have more than the standard 20-21 tracks ? I would't spend 70£ just for this kind of setlist...
  3. Thanks, I looked for it some weeks ago but couldn't find it... I love the quality of the video. Too bad they removed Hyped Music...
  4. Thanks a lot ! Is it possible to find the complete video of this show ?
  5. I assume you're right if Dead Inside is really the opener of the gig but if they manage to put some great video/light show this could be quite OK with the The Handler/Reapers/Defector which is really great in my opinion
  6. Musilac is a really nice venue located just next to a lake. I went there last year and the atmosphere and crowd were really pleasant. If you need some information about the festival, just send a PM.
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