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new album 2014 thread


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Dear mods,

I recall last time having the "new album" thread was a lot of work,

but I think we are at the point when we have started hearing plans/rumors for the new album and I think we need a space to have them in one place and to discuss them.


For example, this interview:



or this piece of news:


Milen Farmer on her twitter:

déjà un projet d'album avec... Muse !



Can you please start a new thread and keep it closely on topic?


Thank you.

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ok, read through the "Album seven" thread.


What would be really helpful is to separate "I hope" types of posts from actual facts and rumors.


Perhaps, having a "My hopes for the new album" vs. "The new album news and rumors".


And having all major newsey items in the first post of the thread as they surface, perhaps?



Thank you for your consideration.

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