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Guitars Similar to looks of Mansons? [LEFTY]


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Hello guys,


So I'm a lefty guitarist and finding guitars is seriously an issue for me. I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of guitars that resemble the aesthetics of Mansons. I know I could always restring a righty to be left handed, and I don't have the budget for a real Manson.



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If you have about 1300 pounds in your budget I can highly recommend the Manson MA Series of guitars, now available in left handed, The build quality on these are fantastic, not quite as refined as the MB series (which cost about 3 times the price) but still extremely good value for money, I would recommend having the MBK-2 pickup set in there with the MA-2 series, it'll be the same pickups as the majority of Matt's Guitars. I've owned the MA-2 guitar in my sig for 4 months now and it's great fun to play




If 500 pounds is more your budget then probably the Fender Blacktop series as they have a Humbucker pickups, sure these are available in left handed




hope this helps :)

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If you're serious about it, I'd have someone build one for you. Problem is, everyone wants one but no one wants to pay for one.


There's plenty of talent here.


Some can't pay for them ;)


Seriously though, I'd rather build my own anyway, even if it is a replica, it's sort of a tribute to the original. I'd buy the shit out if an MB2SE if I had the dollar though.

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Thanks fellas! Yeah I wanted to buy that Manson but the issue is the money, you know? I looked for a Yamaha Paicifica and couldn't find any that were left handed :/ I might just have someone build one for me. I'm guessing itd cost a bit more because it has to be a lefty.

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