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Madison Square Garden DVD/multicam project


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Any updates on this? I'm dying haha


Sorry, I'm in the final stages of finishing this. There was a lot of trial and a lot of error and I had to go back and fix a ton of stuff but now it's neaaarly done. It takes 7 hours to render the main vid and I've rendered it 3 times now but each time I see a couple small sync problems that I missed and I can't bear to leave them in there. It'll be done #Soon I promise :)

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If you can't handle smooth viewing from the software itself, maybe render by parts if you can do that. Might be quicker than doing a full render each time.


Oh my god the preview in Vegas is so lagged that I can't rely on it at all, so I do render small sections when I'm fine tuning. Problem is when I think everything is fine and ready to go and it turns out it wasn't :p

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Yeah I normally mix-down everything to one video track and do a final check I don't have a card that can handle all that video at once.


When I did the OSL edit I did each song separately and then made a master project where I dragged the separate song projects in. Made things a lot easier to keep track of.

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