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Some New Born help.

Leviathan of Dis

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Would someone be able to explain to me how to properly play the verse? For the life of me, I can't just can't nail it down.


I strum completely downstrokes using my fretting hand to sort of mute the strings/accent some strums if that makes sense. Or are you asking for a tab or something?

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For example this section:


E| 7 x x (Index)

B| 8 x x (Middle) x 4

G| 9 x x (Ring finger)

D| (Use thumb to mute these,

A| you aren't actually hitting them

E| but it's a fail safe)


That's how I've always done it.


I saw others using their index to bar the two upper notes and but that meant I couldn't use my thumb to mute the top strings so I do it like this:


E| 7 x x (Middle)

B| 7 x x (Index) x 4

G| 8 x x (Ring finger)


So on and so forth.


Not sure if this makes any sense. So I'll just stop.

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I use my thumb over the thicker three strings too. As James said, you're not actually hitting them anyway but it's just in case. I switch between fast strumming (1/16?) and palm muted slower ones for emphasis (1/4?) depending on how I'm feeling. Also occasionally pick the strings with the opening piano melody or get a bit of whammy involved after the solo. Not that much too it really. What part of the strumming are you having problems with? As long as you're not holding the pick too tightly, it should be easy.

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