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Muse in Visions (german magazine)


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Tut tut. At least she posted it! Thank you Queeni. Hopefully we'll find a translator. :happy:


I speak some German.. but to translate it? No way, my German is nowhere nearly good enough


I understood the part where they call Chris a sort of a hillbilly for all dem babies

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I translated the part about David Campbell because that's as much German as I can handle. :LOL::facepalm: Even though it doesn't have anything directly pertaining to Muse.


The 64-year old Canadian composer, arranger, and conductor is one of the best of his field because he breaks the boundaries of classical, film, and pop music. He has contributed to more than 450 Gold- and Platinum Albums, among them works for Metallica, Linkin Park, Kiss, Radiohead and his son Beck. On top of that he has composed film scores including Dead Man Walking, Brokeback Mountain and Dreamgirls. Together with Bono and The Edge of U2 he has written and arranged the music and dance performances for the first Broadway piece, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. He himself plays violin, viola and piano and has in his active years between 2003 and 2009 contributed to more than 30 albums.

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