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Should Chris should make a solo album ?


Should Chris make a solo album?  

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  1. 1. Should Chris make a solo album?

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...that just because one or two songs are mediocre it doesn't mean that he's incapable of writing good stuff. Which Matt so kindly proves by writing shit like Sober and Overdue and still managing to write epics like Sunburn and Showbiz.


I see. I have no problem with Chris continuing writing (even if I'm still not used the idea of hearing his voice on a Muse album), but I don't think he should use Muse albums as his song writing rehearsal platform - I mean, you are using an example from the times the guys were on their first album/in their early 20s, they are way past that point. On the sixth album bar should have been higher than to accept Save me for as it is just because it was an effort by Chris, but then again it's hard to fight that point considering Explorers made it to the album as well. Even Liquid State, which I happen to really enjoy as a song, doesn't really work well in the context of the album.

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Oh I don't think either of Chris' two songs should have been on the album. Just saying that I didn't expect it to be any better. It's his first time writing songs for the band, which is why the comparison to Matt on Showbiz is still relevant.


Obviously I still think they should pick the best songs for the albums.

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I'm unsure. I'd love for Chris to make a solo album but that may mean Muse go on hiatus so this can happen. Fair enough, all three may end up making albums and that'd be great but they won't be like Muse.


I would definitely approve of Chris making Liquid State 2 -- we could definitely do with a prog metal adventure that's 8 minutes long on the next album!

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