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Should Chris should make a solo album ?


Should Chris make a solo album?  

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  1. 1. Should Chris make a solo album?

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I think so. The tracks he wrote for the album don't sound distinctly 'Musey' to me, they stick out. But I would like to hear more of them.


I don't know if he'd feel confident enough to do it tho.


I'd be interested in side projects from them all tbh. Although, Dom is already doing that.

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I don't like either of Chris' songs.


I can't ever see myself putting them on to listen to. They are dull, predictable and static.


I would say that he should work with a producer with his songwriting for a while. As it is now, his songs seem very immature with lass than basic structures.


Liquid State may be the most underwhelming thing they have ever done as a band. I would rather listen to Big Freeze than Liquid State, and I fucking hate U2...


I hope he doesn't do any more songs for MUSE.


As it stands now, the last 5 tracks of this album have nothing for me to go back and listen for. Sucks.

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