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How to buy tickets in Asia from US and Europe


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Planning on attending a gig or 2 in Japan ( Tokyo specifically ) when the tour decides to head that way. It's a long way to go, however, without having tix taken care of ( we live in Calif ). When we went to Zurich, it wasn't too difficult to navigate Ticketcorner and get tickets, but I've been trying to do some advance research for the same in Tokyo and my confidence level is very low.


I searched the forums here, and it looks like a similar question was asked a few years ago, but with no concrete solution I could see.


Any thoughts, experiences, or advice would be greatly appreciated. My first line of attack will be a muse.mu presale - but if that falls through I'd like to have a solid back-up plan. Anyone tried buying from the venue websites directly? I looked at a few, but either the "English" version only applied to some info, or didn't have it at all.



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As far as I can tell, sadly, it's not very easy. I recommend you to find a friend in Japan who can take care of it.

The biggest problem is that any online ticket venders in Japan don't accept credit card issued outside of Japan...well, I have never tried, but it is what they say.


The last years Creativeman has been the organizer of Muse's gigs in Japan.

You can check their FAQ page.


If I still live in Japan maybe I could help you, but now I'm in Australia...:(


I hope you find a way..

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I did a little research on this a while back and my takeaway is either have a friend over there that can get the tix for you, or look into a company that will buy the tix for you. There are a few companies that offer this service, (yes it costs $$) and they seem reliable (based on reviews).

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