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  1. I doubt us ranting will have any impact on whether he plays or not, but on the .1% chance it helps... Matt not playing really diminishes the experience for me. I've tried to rationalize it, and can't come up with anything that makes sense. Are the guitars are getting too heavy for him? I know I've seen a snippet or 2 about him designing the Manson guitars to be lighter. If he doesn't want to be tied to a microphone stand, maybe a cordless headset one? Reading he didn't play Blackout pushed me over the edge, and to posting about it. There's hardly any guitar in it, but what's there has quite a bit of energy and personality. Maybe next tour Matt can just play the shakey-thing during SMBH? Morgan Nicholls and the Muses made me chuckle yesterday - kudos to whoever came up with it. ___________________________ From Guitarplanet: Matthew Bellamy The scope of Bellamy’s stardom has been considerably wide; extending beyond the success of Muse – the alternative rock band that he leads with guitar and vocals – and into sex icon history as he has been charged with the label of the world’s Sexiest Male on not one, not two, but three separate occasions. But sex appeal isn’t the only badge Bellamy has earned for himself. He can be found among the ranks of Total Guitar’s “Top 100 Guitarists of All Time” on top of having created their 13th “Greatest Riff of All Time”. Bellamy can even be found in the Guinness Book of World Records for having smashed the most guitars in a single tour (140). Having been named “the Hendrix of his generation”, it is no doubt that Matthew Bellamy takes rank among our most influential. __________________________ Please Matt, just play the guitar.
  2. Wow, thanks for pointing this video out. Makes me very happy my wife and I decided to go Japan to see those 2 shows. When we got back, we went to the first LA show, and were really saddened by the crowd. I understand a bit better why the shows keep getting shorter in the US, with the band putting out less energy and effort. I don't know if I'll ever bother seeing Muse in the US again. Thanks again for the links, made my day - and restored my faith in what I remembered as an awesome couple of days in Tokyo.
  3. Planning on attending a gig or 2 in Japan ( Tokyo specifically ) when the tour decides to head that way. It's a long way to go, however, without having tix taken care of ( we live in Calif ). When we went to Zurich, it wasn't too difficult to navigate Ticketcorner and get tickets, but I've been trying to do some advance research for the same in Tokyo and my confidence level is very low. I searched the forums here, and it looks like a similar question was asked a few years ago, but with no concrete solution I could see. Any thoughts, experiences, or advice would be greatly appreciated. My first line of attack will be a muse.mu presale - but if that falls through I'd like to have a solid back-up plan. Anyone tried buying from the venue websites directly? I looked at a few, but either the "English" version only applied to some info, or didn't have it at all. Thanks.
  4. http://www.musewiki.org/Map_of_Your_Head_%28song%29 Prolly reading too much into it, but I love the song anyway.
  5. There's nothing to say you couldn't give a duplicate set of prizes. 1 set for the for the result order at the time of deletions, and then one when the contest formally concludes. I only had 8 votes with my original submission, so I'm not going to benefit from this. I just like finding solutions, and it might not be too late to revisit this in some way. Be safe. ....that, and I really liked the Muscle Museum Pedal entry. Not much makes me laugh at work, but that did.
  6. Good news. I found a way to enter legitimately, and still express my feelings for how this was handled. I still think my old one related to a fictional place, but oh well. Don't get me wrong, it's your contest. Just changing/editing rules midstream because you didn't like the results is kinda weak. Be safe all. Oh, and yes.... it's a real town! Vote for Meeee....again, lol
  7. I went with: Where Every Night is the Second Night I've missed Bliss twice recently by not attending the second night. Never again. ...anyhow, a few votes would be cool, although in full disclosure, I voted for "Wherever the Muscle Museum pedal has gone." Vote for Meeeeee
  8. Dainslef

    Lollapalooza 2011

    Festival Question: If we're not looking for the rail, but want to be within about 75 feet of the stage, how soon should we plan on being in that area of the park? First festival since the US festival in 1983 for me, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect as far as crowds moving between stages. Thanks.
  9. Dainslef

    Lollapalooza 2011

    I'd actually like to see at least some of Deadmau5. If they play the same night as Muse, will they be at exactly the same time, or would there be a small opportunity to see some of both if you didn't want to be up front for either?
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