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What is your favorite track from The Resistance?


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1). Undisclosed Desires

2). MK Ultra

3). Exogenesis (the whole thing)

4). Uprising

5). Resistance

6). Guiding Light

7). I Belong To You

8). Unnatural Selection

9). United States of Eurasia :D


i think UD, Mk ultra, Exogenesis, Uprising and Resistance are epic. Masterpieces.

While Guiding Light and IBTY are .. okay. Matt's voice is the most amazing thing in the world so i enjoy them even though they're not my faves.

But Unnatural Selection (sounds like Newborn and Green Day/Rage Against The Machjine mixed together = awful)

and United States of Eurasia makes me laugh tbh :p

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I haven't thought about this for ages, and honestly I'm not sure about an order of preference anymore. I suppose I'll have a go...




MK Ultra

Unnatural Selection

Undisclosed Desires



I Belong to You

United States of Eurasia



Guiding Light


Bear in mind I haven't listened to the album in full for a while. My favourites are pretty much the same as they used to be, but Undisclosed Desires has gone up in my estimations.

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