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Chris was at home when he tweeted yesterday afternoon (10PM or so his time)


I don't know that I think it's likely that he'd have flown from Dublin to LA today, rehearsed and then is doinga gig... :erm:


He didn't ever mention when he was heading to LA, though, only said that he'd be there for a couple of days...

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i hate you both :phu:










i almost died.


I know. :LOL: Those 7 minutes were....not fun. Lol.


If they were going to do a secret LA gig (Which isn't out of the question, Foo Fighters have been doing it and Arcade Fire is doing one before the grammys), why would it be opening for someone? I'd figure it'd be their own show somewhere


Very, very true. Just got caught up in the moment as always. :noey:

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