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  1. 6th Muse show. Honestly don't listen much anymore at all (this is my first time logging in in i dont know how long) but I found a cheap ticket earlier today and had a rude so I said screw it and went. Best Muse show I've seen. It was killer. Holy shit. Great setlist (finally got to hear bliss ahhhhhhh) and the visuals and stage setup was freaking awesome. This band has nailed the arena rock show down Oh man so good.
  2. i think RB is varied enough but DFA1979 is definitely more varied then them. Specially with the new album, though I guess having a 10 year gap between albums might have something to do with that.
  3. i saw the first show they ever didn't play SMBH since the song came out. thats something right i think citizen erased is the only rare song ive seen. and i guess mk ultra which is sort of almost rare
  4. I dont like the band like I used to, to be honest, but if the setlist for the tour is anything close to these recent shows I'm going to be front and center. Plus Reapers seems cool and Psycho has grown on me and looks like it kills live, hope the whole new album keeps it up. Keep Agitated and Fury and Hyper Music in the setlist plz. plz never play undisclosed desires or guiding light again.
  5. Fun show, reminded me why I used to love this band so much (because honestly, I haven't listened near as much in the past year or two). But yeah, setlist was pretty dreadful. I thought he was about to play Sunburn and then he played USoE, ugh. They played that last time they came here, they haven't played Sunburn here in forever (I actually like Eurasia, they've just played it the past two times I've seen them and I really want to see something new like Sunburn). And I wish they would have went with Stockholm over New Born. Also, they shouldn't alternate Map and Hysteria, they should play BOTH. Seriously, both are great songs. Though the songs I didn't like from the 2nd Law were more fun live. I really dislike Follow Me but it worked live. Same with Unsustainable. And Survival was actually a bit of fun too, though its kind of a weak closer. IMO, they should have both Hysteria and Map as regulars, alternate between PiB and New Born for the roulette spot, and close with Survival into Stockholm Unless I decide to go to ACL (or I somehow get into a SXSW show), this is probably the last time I catch them on this tour. But it was definitely a fun show and I don't regret going. I'm kind of sad that the only new songs I saw at this gig were the 2nd Law songs.
  6. last time they were here I had seats, and told myself I'd get GA next time and be there super early. I have GA this time but its now 1 and I haven't even left yet, and I got a 90 minute drive to go. Guess I'm just not near as excited as last year. Probably going to head out in a little while. Hope I meet some cool people out there because the GA sold out before I had a chance to convince a friend to come along.
  7. If any of you people happen to end up selling a GA ticket or know someone selling, please let me know. I got my own ticket but I want people to queue with and I have some friends who said they'd buy a ticket if we can find a GA one.
  8. Overslept till about 12, woke up and remembered, and started cussing myself out and stuff. Went and checked, GA tickets were still available. I feel much better now. Got my ticket. Though i think this dashes my chance of a second show. Maybe its because its expensive? Just paid $82 after fees which is quite a lot, shows in Houston don't normally cost that much. And I don't remember their 2010 date costing that much
  9. i was about 20 minutes late, but i can only pull up seats in the pre-sale. Did I just miss out on the GA tickets or was the pre-sale seated tickets only? I'm just going to try again in the regular onsale. Hopefully my prof lets out of class a bit early :/
  10. Pretty certain they'll add a Dallas date a day or two after the Houston one. Not sure why they are announcing the shows like this. American Airlines Center is free on the 13th and 14th I'll be at the Houston show for sure though. I'm kinda hoping it sells out pretty quickly, I really want them to add a second show (It'd have to be on 3/11). this date ends up on my spring break im pretty sure which is pretty damn perfect. if it was during the school year i wouldn't be able to do two shows I'm hoping that they may be planning to, which is why the other Texas shows aren't announced, maybe they'll announce them with a second Houston show (this is probably wishful thinking though) also if anyone finds out a pre-sale password and stuff id love you forever if you PM me it or post it here
  11. I'm pretty certain Texas dates will be announced very soon, maybe even tomorrow (most tour announcements come on Mondays or Tuesdays anyway) I'm like 99% certain they are playing Texas, can't just be a coincidence that this Oklahoma date falls right by SXSW. I'm thinking they do Houston, Dallas, and SXSW again just like in 2010 (then maybe ACL in October)
  12. for the US, Joy Formidable would be a great pick. I kinda doubt they'd do it after doing that huge tour with the Black Keys, but the Arctic Monkeys would be great too, specially if they got an hour like they did with the Black Keys (they were doing 15-16 songs a show in that hour, which was great)
  13. Am I the only one who thinks Isolated System into Animals into Supremacy would be a pretty kick-ass opening (or maybe encore opening)? I feel like the end of Isolated System leads into Animals perfectly, then the heaviness at the end of Animals builds up to Supremacy perfectly.
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