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Muse's Chris Wolstenholme at The Ashes


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hmmm. seems chris was a fast bowler when he played cricket. matt left as soon as england started losing, and chris says it's good matt cardle covered many of horror as he didn't cover a normal pop song, and he also said he doesn't think you can stop someone on a program such as the x factor covering it.


the first 2 minutes was all about cricket.

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All hail your saviour, lol.



Muse, one of the biggest band on the planet, headlined glastonbury last year, just been nominated for three grammys, and they’ve managed to coincide their australian tour with the Ashes ! I have been welcomed into what can only be described as the Muse corporate box here at the WACA, and joined by Chris Wolstenholme from the band ! How long have you benn a big cricket fan ?


I’ve been a big cricket fan most of my life, really. Probably, I don’t know, maybe from about 8 years old or something.


What got you into it ?


Just watching it on the TV, I mean my family – obviously I was brought up in Yorkshire, that’s where I was born – everyone’s into cricket up there, and my Dad and my Grandad used to take me up to matches – you know, county matches – when I was younger.


Now this is nice you’re playing Brisbane – I mean Perth, you’ve played Brisbane already – tomorrow night, and you’ve managed to come to all three days of the test !


Yeah, it’s been gréât ! We were in Melbourne on Wednesday, and I managed to persuade a few of the guys to get a really early flight on Thursday so we could get the first day in as well, but unfortunately if it does go to a fifth day, I’ll miss that, ‘cause I’m going hom, but it’s been amazing, it’s the first test match I’ve ever been to in Australia, and it’s a gréât vibe, it’s amazing over hère.


Who’s really impressed you ?


In this test the Australians have bowled really well, obviously the English batsmen havn’t done so gréât compared to the last two tests, but Johnson has done really well. He had a gréât day with the ball yesterday, he was awesome, he was really moving it around…


And you’ve got the view to see it, from up hère, right behind where Trott is facing at the moment, how much is Mitchell Johnson moving it ?


I’ve only watched a couple of overs of this so far, but yesterday it seemed to be moving a hell of a lot, much more than the English guys were moving it today. There’s so much involved, the humidity, and the clouds – I don’t really understand what it is that makes the ball swing so much, but i twas definitely doing it yesterday.


Matt Bellamy came down ; but he sort of flits in and out of it.


Yeah, he came down yesterday, and I think when we started to lose it a bit, that’s when he sort of disappeared. He gets very patriotic when we’re winning, but when we’re losing he doesn’t care so much !


What were you like at cricket yourself, did you play ?


I did play, I was a fast bowler, not as fast as thèse guys, for an 11 year old I was quite fast !


And finally, your support act, Biffy Clyro, a cover version of their song is gonna be number 1 at Christmas, by Matt cardle from X factor. What do you make of that ?


I think it’s quite funny, I’m sure they’ll enjoy the publicity !


Will they make quite a bit of money out of it ?


I would have thought so if they sell a few singles. I’ve not actually heard it ; I heard like a little snippet of it on Dom’s computer the other day, so I’m not quite sure whether it’s a good cover or a bad cover, but I’m sure they won’t mind, you know, we had a guy cover starlight, so you always get the odd person on thèse things who’s got a cool taste in music, and decides to use something from a cool band rather than the obvious pop stuff…


Can you stop people covering it ?


Err… no… I don’t think so, no. I don’t think you can actually stop someone from playing your song.


Thanks very much for inviting us Chris, that was CW, and Muse are playing Perth tomorrow !


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