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Muse special on Radio NRJ 98.9 in Quebec

Eurasian Muse

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LOL I guess it's already finished. I couldn't record anything, my browser kept crashing.


Anyway to sum up Dom's interview:


- they've never been to Quebec before, mentions going to Chateau Frontanac

- the crowds in Montreal were different from the ones in Toronto (at least I think that's what he said, someone distracted me for a minute)

- he was asked about miming on the Italian show again lol, and he says they probably got the idea from Iron Maiden on TOTP


They also played clips of Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, New Born, Plug in Baby, Resistance and Knights of Cydonia,


Hopefully they'll put the interview up on their site later.

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Of course we're louder in Montreal then Toronto! :LOL::p


Hope they enjoyed Quebec too.

I like a lot the on-the-road idea for the dvd but I'd like that in addition to a stadium performance!! Those shows looked spectular I'd personnaly totally enjoy another haarp-like dvd!


Thanks a lot for posting. Not the best interviewer but still, nice to hear !

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