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  1. We’re attending. Weather at the mo’ says it should be dry. Not sure what to expect tomorrow for the setlist. It will be a really strange crowd tomorrow, so not sure what to expect!
  2. The gig was amazing, as expected. We were on the front barrier, queued early and didn’t (refuse to) do the VIP. The graphics were great and I loved the giant alien and the human/robots!!! It was a little Cirque du Soleil on occasions and I wasn’t sure about the “dancer-type” people either...but this is Muse so anything can happen. Muse were on top form!!! A long setlist too The support act, Walk the Moon, we just “not my cup of tea” to put it politely...it was like watching an 80’s pop band, even with the haircuts. Why they were chosen as support, I do not know. Muse though....FAB!!!
  3. Hi, thanks for adding me! :)

  4. Hi, thanks for adding me here also. See you on FB to chat Muse :)

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