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  1. We’re attending. Weather at the mo’ says it should be dry. Not sure what to expect tomorrow for the setlist. It will be a really strange crowd tomorrow, so not sure what to expect!
  2. The gig was amazing, as expected. We were on the front barrier, queued early and didn’t (refuse to) do the VIP. The graphics were great and I loved the giant alien and the human/robots!!! It was a little Cirque du Soleil on occasions and I wasn’t sure about the “dancer-type” people either...but this is Muse so anything can happen. Muse were on top form!!! A long setlist too The support act, Walk the Moon, we just “not my cup of tea” to put it politely...it was like watching an 80’s pop band, even with the haircuts. Why they were chosen as support, I do not know. Muse though....FAB!!!
  3. I was on the barrier at the gig and the crowd were lively where I was. I was stood next to a VIP. The VIP thing was annoying. Whilst we stood out in that heat, with nothing to take shade from (except I had an umbrella) and with people passing out around me...they just turned up later and walked in. There were quite a few 30STM fans. Did anybody notice that Matt and Jared wore the same Gucci trainers, except Jared had high-tops? 😂 I really liked the change to UD.
  4. This is no great change for Muse at all as it's a reworked Madness with some Queen thrown in. I realise that Muse do have to appeal to a younger audience now and be radio-friendly. This it does, but it's just not the Muse that I like. May be the album with have the stronger sounds.
  5. I've just read on Twitter, Muse US Fans, that an official announcement is due on Monday. I don't know where this information was sourced...but I've booked my hotel for Austin just incase.
  6. Yes, all phones must have the flash switched off. There is an announcement as well as signs taped to the stage. It's no big issue. There are projections onto "netted" screens so it's a distraction to have lights shining through on the other side...I guess that's one reason. It's a shame there was a malfunction with the drones last night. I was in Houston and absolutely loved them!!! We seriously considered driving to Dallas to see the show again. If I'd known the 360 degree stage was so good, we would have planned this in advance.
  7. My 18th Muse gig and it was absolutely awesome! I was dreading the 360 degree stage but it worked so well! I was on the barrier but the stage was actually a reasonable size so all the GA were close, even the lower seated. I loved the masked soldier drones and thought the drones flying around the arena were excellent. I thought Matt's vocals were on fine form. It was Chris's bass they had issues with but they handled that well. It's a while since I've seen them but I was absolutely blown away by their performance. I also got myself a guitar pick to add to my (sad) collection of Muse "stuff" including my two harmonicas
  8. Well, I'm number 94 in the queue (we've all had hands numbered) with about another 10 people behind me. Will Call were fast, no issues
  9. I really don't know what to expect from the queue. Tbh, I've never found ticket buying for any Muse gig as easy as this was so I'm assuming that there won't be as many hardcore fans there...it is Houston, after all . I've done a lot of queuing all day in the past to ensure getting onto the barrier but I won't be doing this tomorrow.
  10. Blimey!!! That was the easiest Presale ticket buying I've ever done!!!! GA ordered....CAN'T WAIT!!!!
  11. Ok, thanks. Thought it probably was, they just hadn't changed the title to both Canada and U.S. Just trying to get organised before Wednesday's chaotic presale...
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