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  1. If there's complaints about Muse stretching time because of changing guitars, you should never go to a Mumford and Sons concert.

    I saw them last year, and everytime they switched a guitar it took them at least a minute, if not more.


    I barely noticed the guitar changes they were so quick: I didn't notice any physical changeovers except the couple right in front of me and only realised when I noticed the guitar had changed colour. And I was, er, keeping quite the close eye on Mr Bellamy most of the time.


    I saw Coldplay on their arena tour in 2011, when they were promoting their fifth album, and they only played for 85 minutes. So yes, it could be worse :stunned:


    Yeah, they could be Coldplay :eek:

  2. How? At least 50% of that song's lyrical content is "Woohoo!" :chuckle:


    He got the second verse mixed up with the first, shouted OH FUCK IT and then just bounced about giggling and woohooing for the rest of the time.


    Have there been balloons at all the other gigs on this tour? We didn't get any in Cologne :erm:

  3. I managed to get the whole way through Aftermath for the first time yesterday! The other two times I've tried it I had to switch it off through sheer cringing.


    NOPE. Still sounds like a Gary Barlow reject. How can the same album have that dross and Reapers and The Handler?? :noey:

  4. Yeah I was in Cologne :) I had a bunch of Dutch people behind me though!


    I think now I've done GA I'd quite like to to watch it again but seated to get the full experience of the show, but I can't go to any more gigs. I did have a look at the seated people and there was quite a lot of bouncing going on; Matt actually pointed out some people who were going for it at the other end from me! (That was the most he said all night...)

  5. Back home, calmed down and have had some sleep now ;) Here's the n00b perspective...


    I got there about bang on 5pm having been messed about by trains, and doors opened st 6pm. After buying a T-shirt and wandering about unable to find the entrance to GA, when I did finally get there I found myself on the third/fourth row at the "back" of the stage where the circle joins the catwalk, with piano to the left. I have never been that close before at any gig and I've been going to gigs for (Christ) 23 years :D Right chuffed!!


    Nothing But Thieves were like I said really good but I could barely hear the singer and the guitarist by me was having some real problems, poor guy. But they were very good.


    I feel like the Muse show started a bit earlier than usual, maybe only 10 minutes late? Anyway yeah started with Dance of the Knights as all the Drones were launched (all 10 globes) and got into position, then started their "dance" to Drones and...sorry but it was breathtaking and quite magical. And the second rendition of Drones works in context.


    And then suddenly from nowhere I was looking at Matt Bellamy like just THERE and lost my shit. :ahem:


    To me, Matt's voice held up really quite well. There were a couple of wobbles but meh, it's live, it's never going to be perfect. He does, erm, strain a lot facially :chuckle: I could see the entire stage except when Matt or Chris were up on the far arrowhead but that didn't bother me considering some views I've had in the past. Eight drones came out again for SBH, the visuals for The Handler were stunning (did notice the change in the solo but again, live), Dom and Chris were both pissing themselves laughing just before the jam, the people by me didn't know about the Globalist drone and went bonkers for it, a circle got started in Hysteria, Matt struts really well for such a tiny chap and the main thing I got was how much fun they seemed to be having. I don't mind crowd participation in songs, actually I really like it, so that didn't bother me. The crowd around me were REALLY into it (I just wish I could have chatted more but my German is practically non-existent).


    The only thing that could have improved it would have been the addition of SS, Bliss or CE; I was hoping for one of them. But I got Hysteria (my favourite), AP (amazing) and TaB and YES! Reapers instead of Revolt, phew ;) They don't talk much though do they?! Mind you I don't blame them; I clam up in from of 2 people let alone 20,000.


    But no balloons! :(


    I adored it. :musesign:

  6. Unfortunately I have to write my master thesis, so I can't show you our beautiful city. But if you need some tips, just feel free to ask :)





    Aw. Don't worry about me though; my sister lives in Porz-Westhoven and it's her birthday today so I'm spending it with her, then Muse tomorrow and a bit of sightseeing in Monday. I love this place so I was right chuffed when I got a ticket :)

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