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  1. That DI line is pretty much the opposite of how people are interpreting it when they complain about it; it's not Matt saying he's an amazing person, it's saying that he's keeping up appearances of being a good person but has become a manipulative asshole in reality.


    ...yeah, that's what I was trying to say but apparently didn't :LOL: Dead Inside is one of the few Drones songs that works for me outside of the whole concept thing, possibly because it's the first song and is setting up the narrative of the album so you don't need any backstory for it to make sense?


    I kind of like the creepy emo asshole-ness of Dead Star :$ Not sure what that says about me...


    Don't waste your time or time will waste you


    Is supremely cheesy, but...y'know, Knights. It works but oh god it's smothered in Parmesan.

  2. I reckon that's more how the villain has moulded our protagonist into a carbon copy of him/herself rather than thinking s/he personally is the greatest.


    The 'ex' character has magic in their eyes, is ablaze and alive etc. but all along they're dead inside. As our hero says, "I've become just like you" - they're not great at all; it's the image they're portraying to the rest of the world that's great when actually, they've been turned into another soulless drone.


    (Dead Inside describes my ex so accurately it's frightening. I had my personality eroded away over almost ten years by someone who everyone thinks is fantastic, but shows a totally different face when it's just the two of you. I also get to work with him and hear our colleagues saying what a decent bloke he is. I've stopped being quiet about it. Dead Inside gives me many feels on this subject, along with Handler.)

  3. Personally, despite knowing the Showbiz angle, right from the very first listen The Handler hit me very hard emotionally. I am NOT saying anything about anyone, this is purely how the song speaks to me, but as a survivor of an emotionally abusive relationship I find it an exceptionally moving piece. Showbiz itself has moments for me as well; I've been unwell this week and it's left me a bit mentally battered and I listened to it today and the sheer size of the thing blew me away. I'm not quite sure how someone so young wrote that. It's immense.

  4. Wasn't Mercury also notoriously shy? I seem to remember him also talking a lot with his hands, and saying a lot of things that came of as rude or arrogant that were probably attributable to how uncomfortable he was talking to people or giving interviews.


    Yeah, Freddie was really, really shy (and also hated his teeth, so would often hide them behind his hands). He got bitten a few times by the press and often came across as haughty or aloof because he hated giving interviews. He often left the on-stage chatter to Brian May - he was a Performer on stage but a very private person off it.

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