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  1. You're the second person who has brought that up. Maybe it's just because I was rocking out so hard during that song that I missed that line. Now that you mention it, I think that there were probably better rhymes for that part.


    I initially thought it was "punish us and forgive us" and Matt was mangling words as only he can, and my lyrics would make more sense with the god imagery. I was dead disappointed with the actual lyrics.


    I have played in every toilet / but you still want to spoil it"

    ~from Muscle Museum, Muscle Museum EP (1998)


    I'll defend that one. "The toilet scene" in the UK is the slog of playing tiny gigs; the theory is that the venue's so small the band have to get changed in the toilets. If you don't know the phrase it probably sounds a bit odd (a bit!) but it makes perfect sense in the context of the song.


    The "make a fuss" line in Fury infuriates me and ruins a cracking song.

  3. Congratulations indeed! He certainly had a blast in outdoing Matt's falsetto just with one of Muse's power horses!


    That's how I've envisioned the scene...

    Dom: «Hey, Matt! He's singing almost better than you recently!»

    Matt: «* with a fake smile and grinding teeth * Hee hee hee... Shut the heck up and keep playing... Hee hee hee...»


    That's another guitar in the face for Dom then.

  4. Eyes closed the entire time... :LOL:


    But seriously, I can't imagine performing scares him anymore, and music is what's comfortable to him. And there's a repetition to it.


    Yeah you're probably right nowadays when he's playing, but he still can't get the talking bit right.


    I always wanted to sing. I love singing. I would really like to have been able to make something of it. My problem is that I can't sing in front of other people, which is a bit of a shitter. I know some shy singers like Freddie Mercury would overcome it by having a totally OTT stage persona or be like Matt and once the crowds get beyond individual people and because a mass they can relax and let go but that's not me. I can sing in a choir, but then the leader tried to give me a solo and...I left. :$


    I'm a motherfucking singing legend in the car though.

  5. IPlus, that dude grabbed his danglies and shook them really close to me. Gross. :noey:




    Every interview I've ever seen with Matt he looks basically terrified to me. I'm shy and awkward and nervous and tend to be able to spot a fellow sufferer a mile away. He's more relaxed when he's got Dom to bounce off but he's always fidgeting, putting his hands to his face, jiggling his foot, fiddling with his clothes etc. And also foot-in-mouth syndrome: I go through phases of saying to myself right, don't say X or Y because that would be a dick thing to do, then X or Y pops out of my mouth simply because it's popped into my brain :$


    If he is as nervous or awkward as he appears to me (and my degree in armchair psychology) I'm not quite should how he has the intestinal fortitude to do what he does in front of thousands of people; I'd rather set myself on fire.

  6. I thought someone said they barely break even on US leg of the tour? I think it's just expected of Muse now, that each tour will be bigger, and therefore better, than the last one. It was OK back in the early 2000s but now it's more about the show than the music from what I see. All the reviews seem to be saying, from a non-Muse-devotee standpoint, that the music from a performance perspective is still excellent, but for "us" it's lacking because we know they have so much more in their back catalogue.


    Personally, and I'm not a performer of any kind here so bear that in mind :LOL: I've never really "got" arena or stadium shows. I grew up watching Queen gigs on video and then one of my first "proper" concerts was Download 1995 and I never did see the appeal, either from a performer or an audience member's point of view, of MASSIVE gigs to tens of thousands. I never felt a connection at the big outdoor festivals or gigs I've been to, whereas Terrorvision (stop it) in a pub in Wrexham with about 150 people was frigging brilliant, and Queen+Adam Lambert in Hammersmith Apollo was far better than them at Nottingham Arena last year.


    I've never been to a proper Muse gig yet for reasons so EVERYTHING will be new to me and while I'm really, really excited I do kind of wish it was more like the only other time I've seen them (at Manchester uni in 1999, supporting Feeder). Well OK maybe not that small, but maybe Manchester Apollo to Nottingham Arena-sized gigs rather than MEN Arena-sized.

  7. Should never blame crowds for sets imo. If Muse have started attracting lighter crowds, you've gotta wonder if that's because they started putting out lighter music.




    If you're an actor in a stage show and the audience isn't participating much in one area or one night, do you shorten the play or half-arse your acting?


    I'm not blaming them for sets exactly, I don't think (although Muse have been going long enough now to know which sets the majority of the crowd want). If you see people bouncing to song X, you'll play it again. I've seen so many on Instagram posting footage of gigs and saying they don't know what this song is but wasn't the light show great or they don't really like Muse but heard they were good live so went to check it out. Not a mindset I really understand. I guess it's a chicken and egg situation and we're so far down the line we don't know which came first, lower standard setlists or lower standard audiences.


    (It was the egg.)


    I dunno, it must be fairly soul-destroying. Performers definitely feed off the reaction of the audience and if the audience act uninterested the gig, be it musicians, a comedian, whatever, they're just not going to be as ... engaged.


    And absolutely if the audience of a play is not engaging with the actors I've seen the people on stage not give their all, and I don't blame them one bit. I wouldn't want to pull out all the stops for people who look basically bored. Also see: people breaking character to call out audience members for having their phones on, which you Do Not Do during a play. That's just rude!

  8. [DRONES]

    01. The 2nd Law: Isolated System

    02. Guiding Light

    03. Dead Inside

    04. Interlude

    05. Survival

    06. I Belong to You

    07. Explorers

    08. Neutron Star Collision

    09. Follow Me

    10. MK Jam

    11. Madness

    12. Undisclosed Desires

    13. Resistance

    14. Revolt

    15. Aftermath

    16. Liquid State

    17. Unnatural Selection

    [DRONES Reprise]

    18. Uprising

    19. Save Me

    20. Prelude

    21. Starlight


    Mostly my least favorite songs + some common plays that are not terrible but not favorites + songs that have all been played live (except Aftermath, but I think it'd be hilarious to play it as a "live debut," that no one wants) + Interlude trolling + early piano section to knock everyone out.


    Do worse than that.


    I thought I'd opened the ideal setlist thread and nearly had a heart attack.

  9. I saw a video on Instagram that was....I think it was the start of Psycho, which I'd expect the very front of the GA to be going mental to. It was something I would have been bouncing to, anyway.


    Everyone, and I mean everyone, was standing still holding up their phones.



  10. Slightly duller last night. Matt and Chris were washing my mum's car while wearing their Panic Station outfits and my mum (who is incredibly prim and proper and politely said nothing) kept asking if Matthew and Christopher would like a cup of tea.


    I have the most mundane yet bizarre dreams sometimes.

  11. Oh god I take pictures and the occasional video, that's perfectly acceptable (because I am the arbiter of acceptable gig behaviour, obvs ;) ) This guy literally filmed the entire thing, and apparently watched the entire thing via his device as well. Dude, they're RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Why are you watching it second hand when you're standing AT THE GIG??


    Edit: although my videos always come out shit anyway so I probably won't bother again.

  12. At least get rid of them in the pit. I was behind a VIP who was snapchatting during the whole show and only focused on the band during Starlight and Madness. I've never wanted to slap someone more in my life.


    I got stuck behind someone at the Blur gig in Llandudno last year who was recording the whole bloody thing on some supermassive smartphone: not quite an iPad but might as well have been for the view it afforded me. I eventually managed to escape from behind him but :mad:

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