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  1. But... Don't you think it's a bit strange that no other websites has reported this, even after several hours?

    I'm smelling hoax, here. That video may have been shot back in 2012, when Matt did brake his foot.


    The nasty hairdo is recent, unfortunately.


    (Quiet fangirl-self, you're only going to embarrass yourself if you reveal too much Bellamy hair knowledge.)

  2. Thing is, a two and a half hour gig for Muse would have at least 15-20 minutes of filler. So really you're probs only looking at around two hours and ten minutes of actual song-time, which is only a little over what the Unsustainable Tour was. Taking into account that, plus the amount of pop/soft stuff they'd inevitably play, I don't think it'd be that draining but that's just me.


    Personally, I'd be 100% down for it. Kinda surprised that Dom feels he's already hitting his limit tbh.


    They're almost 20 years older than you, mate :chuckle:


    Srsly for me I can't take much more than two hours of stompingly loud music after I've been standing around for hours (and can't take much more even when I haven't). I've always been like that as well, not just since the brain fart a couple of years ago: I can get terrible headaches after long gigs or nights out - and I don't drink, so it's not THAT either :p I seem to remember reading that Matt gets migraines as well; I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  3. I couldn't stand a 3h show whoever the band is, but if they cut the wankery they can easily play more than 20 songs in 2h.


    Yeah same here. I wouldn't really want more than about two hours of any live show; I just couldn't take it. I can't imagine what playing one must feel like, let alone doing it night after night after night. But yeah there's definitely room for two or three more songs in the length of show they have.

  4. Not that there hasn't been videos/interviews of Matt saying stuff to Dom in a tone that seems rather insulting, because there are.


    Like shouting "FUCK OFF YOU CUNT!" in his face?


    That's what happens when three adults have to spend so much time together.


    I'm not sure I'd class Matt as an adult...

  5. THANK YOU! :D I've ALWAYS hated that & as much as I enjoy Reapers, I hated that so much, just ruins the theme for me.


    I can't bloody stand the word "babe". I dumped a bloke once for calling me it even when he knew how much it annoyed me. It's used so much as a filler word in lyrics and I got right pissed off with it on my first listen to Drones. I shall replace it with "now" instead coz that works well mostly.

  6. I feel too old to be crushed in a crowd (the only time I did standing I was right at the back), but I did feel a hint of envy when they released the streamers and confetti during Mercy and it looked like a huge party was going on!


    Eeeee love, you're never too old, although I did throw a bit of side-eye at the people who tried to start a circle during Hysteria coz it's my favourite and I didn't appreciate the elbow in my back halfway through ;)

  7. The Lies cover has grown on me... Or just gets stuck in my head, and I confuse the two.


    What is this cover plz?


    Matt answered my question! :facemelt: Only with two words like but hey, I'll take that.

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