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  1. They may keep it, the crowd were going absolutely crazy behind you. It got a really good reaction.
  2. I would look at the Napa Bottlerock 2018 video that is on YouTube. The sound quality is fantastic, dare I say better than the official DVDs. Even Resistance sounds good haha.
  3. Stockholm, Assassin, Reapers, The Handler, Dead Star, Micro Cuts, Newborn and the Ashamed outro. EDIT: Beaten too it
  4. Ah right. I must say that I don't think the band really took much notice, to be honest:( Not that it really effects me, I am up in the God's at London Stadium anyway
  5. Nope, I love it too. Tonight was the first time I have ever seen it live, rarer than Showbiz for me :LOL:
  6. Yungblud were a bit shit haha. The Fever 333 supported Bring Me The Horizon on Friday night, and they were much better.
  7. Yeah i noticed them too. Thought i saw Jobby saying there were protest signs being handed out near him, but couldn't see what the signs said. I had to laugh at the mosh pit during Cock. What happens when a mosh pit turns into ring-a-ring-a-roses haha
  8. Guys, that fucking medley!!! Oh my god!!! This gig was absolutely incredible. Algorithm and Break it to Me sound great too. As did Showbiz
  9. I am very excited for this show. Going to be my first time at the RAH, 8th time seeing the actual band. Now eating at a nearby Garfunkels before the gig. Cant go in hungry haha.
  10. Well, Dig Down is before Thought Contagion, as at the start of the TC video, he is playing DD on an arcade machine.
  11. Yay!!! I got in, but holy shit, that was a clusterfuck. Apparently stall seats sold out the first 2 times but magically reappeared on my third attempt.
  12. I absolutely love the backing vocals in the chorus. I love the whole song, the riff sounds a bit like Blue Orchid.
  13. I am really looking forward to this album. I like Muse's poppy side as much as their rocky side , so this one sounds good so far. Particularly like The Dark Side, reminds me a bit of Easily, mixed with old 80's videogame music.
  14. This new song is absolutely amazing. I liked Thought Contagion and Something Human too, and I have earned to Dig Down over the last few months so I am looking forward to the gospel version of that. Bring it on!
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