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  1. 1 hour ago, Jobby said:

    Yeah I’ve backed that idea before but I’m struggling so much atm after just 6 months without them sooooo nah, not for me thx.

    So starved of Muse stuff but constantly have them on the brain atm 😩 even if we just had announcements about Global Goal or RAH to look forward to but nope...tumbleweeds atm

    I thought there‘d be more surrounding OOM . Interviews, at least one gig.. but it seems like they put it out to keep us interested while they are away .. but it failed big time with being sold out almost all the time 😞


    btw, let‘s make this thread the „talking about Muse“ - thread ok? The Mods are gone anyway 😅 I remember such a thread before the release of Drones, it was packed! Good times 🤘🥳🥂

  2. Ok. Having a better Hifi-system now, hearing stuff on CD and vinyl I coudn‘t before .. a question:


    Newton Abbot demo ( it sounds a lot better now btw) , in the song Ashamed Matt is singing „Fuck you fuck you“, quite mumbled and drowned, at about 2:43 ?

    The vinyls sound better now as well, not excellent tough .. 


    btw, parenting done right cause my 12 yrs old is loosing it over Dead Star 🤘😎

  3. On 3/23/2019 at 5:46 PM, MartianSpaghettiRider said:

    There's this Spanish female disco duo from the Seventies called Baccara, and it stunned me how a good number of their songs have a lot of melodical passages and progressions that give away a strong Muse vibe. What's even more disconcerting to me, it's that in many instances the two singers seemingly sound like two female Matts (without the falsetto) singing in a peculiar Spanish/French accent.

    "Darling", for example, is a song that Muse could execute surprisingly well by tweaking it in their own style: the chorus, in particolar, seems to be written for them 40 years in advance! Try and listen to it on YT if you don't believe me.

    Darling sounds like Eternally Missed up until the chorus 😳🤭

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