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  1. Let‘s hope Muse decide to go back to basics (this time for real!) with concerts, changing the setlists  again and do rock gigs?! Not only for more discussions here 😅😂


    I was hoping for a setlist change and no dancers at the festival they did, but no .... 

  2. Yeah, the static setlists of the tour = no gig discussions.

    Maybe the generation from the beginning and up to Drones is not as much  active on the net as it used to be. The younger ones are not that inti messageboards, as you said Reddit, Instagram, Tictoc  .. are the cool things. 

    No activity now is normal, but I‘ll stay anyway 👍😎



  3. Yes ok, but if I’d check in here now, if I’d come  back after quite a while, seeing it all changed, would I search for a thread that tells me what to do? Would I write to a mod and ask for help? Would I ask other members here for help? Yes, I would. Would everybody else do it?  I don‘t think so. .. I still think this all was a fault. My opinion. 

    Ranting on a high level, I know. ( do you say so in English ..? It‘s a phrase in German 😅

  4. Whose idea was it to change the software? Everything changed, to the worse for us remaining, members!! You can count us on 1 single hand 👀😡🧐 was it worth it? No! 

    staying logged in forever: impossible

    keeping your account/username: no

    WE ARE NO ROBOTS ffs 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

    where are mods when you need them: gone .. 

    Muse s amuse - thread about Chart history which even Dom visited from time to time: closed for various reasons, including no traffic on  the board .... 

    Almost no hype for OOM and if, quickly stopped ... 


    Do  I need to go on 🤯😭😭😭

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  5. It would be interesting how many copies were sold with every special album-box. Collectors buy them and I think if only a tiny amount was sold they wouldn‘t sell another and another edition with every new album! I don‘t think that only 5% are collectors amongst Musers ....  

    I don‘t care about Radiohead and I don‘t know more about this library than I just read in your post. So if they wanted to do this, ok! 

    according DVDs ... Matt thinks nobody would buy them anymore 😜 which I think isn‘t true.

  6. Count the price of 9 CDs and 4 vinyl together, plus the book .. it‘s not expensive. If it is affordable for every Muser, that‘s the problem. Maybe there should be a „best of OOM“ version out there? Or a „normal“ version and a „deluxe edition“ 🤔🤷‍♀️

  7. No, I don‘t think this clip will be in the movie. It just reminded me of the tour and then I thought about the movie. Matt said it will be in the cinema, and maybe on-demand-DVD/Bluray. But we all know Matt .. 😅

    couldn‘t find his post about the on-demand DVD .. he answered somebody in the comments in a post ..

  8. It‘s a strange situation for me as this album brought me back to Muse, hearing Supremacy on the radio, watching Live at Rome on TV .. I loved it when I purchased it! But then Drones was released. Imo so much better. Now my ranks are now:





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