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  1. Hi everybody 😁

    well the piano is beautiful, but when Matts starts singing, it sounds so sticked together, there seems to be no flow ... I can imagine he recorded the piano, then the singing pieces, and just glued them together. I know this is how it‘s done in the studio, but is it usually a great production and you don‘t recognize this? Like here, looks like Matt quickly mixed it himself.

    I can‘t stand the oohs and uuh and aaa‘s... 🤪 no thanks.

    BUT I LOVE his version of „We‘ll meet again“ I hope he releases it in ful! It took him half a year for Unintended so .... #soon ...

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  2. Ok, thank you! Yes, I ‚ve read about him buying this guitar and he‘s planning to use it! I‘m no big fan of the album Showbiz, it git great songs but as a whole .. no thanks. But if this means he intends to write more heartfelt and personal songs, or with anger, then count me in on the hype! 
    what have we got so far?

    - making new sounds with the guitar

    - going back to the beginning/ with the Jeff Buckley-guitar in mind 

    - no mellow ballads for Muse 

    - Muse is more bombastic, heavy .. 


    What else?

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