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  1. 1 hour ago, minnie said:

    Sorry, nothing, nobody, no how beats The Animals version!

    Yes, exactly. Same goes with Bridge over troubled water … or Sound of silence … but I prefer  f.e. Joe Cockers version of „ With a little help from my friends“  to the original by The Beatles 😏

  2. Thank you 😁

    I wonder why they played Sing for absolution and Invinsible lower so early after its release ! Maybe Matt should have started writing in a lower key, well now he does … 

    8 hours ago, Hat said:

    Regarding tempo, a bunch of their songs changed tempo in their early career before everything was set to a metronome. New Born used to be the most popular example of fans whining because of the lowered tempo live. In reality they just started playing it at the same speed as the studio version. It's just that they had a period of a few years when they played it faster.

    How to describe a Muser 😅 

  3. It got re-released on the Warchild-compilation „1 love“ 


    ok. Never heard it before … but I think Muse butchered this song, sorry. Yeah, it‘s cool when Matt screams the lyrics. Yes, they made a shorter version of it, so made it their own. But I love the original, it‘s a masterpiece. Those high-hats are so high, in general it sounds so thin  😖 but! I‘d love to hear their version live now, with Matts lower vocals, more warmth to it, more richer in the sound 🤩 maybe I‘d like it then. 

    your opinions?

  4. Ave Maria during Blackout? Never heard of that! Interesting! 🙂 thx!

    just watched it … btw I prefer Matt playing guitar, but he could have belted  Ave Maria… but this way if fitted the song. But just imagine …. 🤩

  5. Ok. We all long for new music, am I right? RIGHT??? I CAN‘T HEAR YOU !!!! 

    Seems that Matt was at Abbey Road. Maybe with somebody else,  we don‘t know it. He‘s headed back to LA, Dom was (is) in France, Chris in the UK (I guess). 

    Autumn is on its way, means more  album-releases ahead. Or singles, I mean songs. 

    Will Muse release something, if only one song soon? 

    I need some hype guysssss 😁😁😁😁😁



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  6. Writing this whilst listening for the first time:


    Ok … I like this Unintended now, but still not Bridge over troubled water….


    Tab piano for 4 hands  …. 🤣 then 😨🥰 🤣🤪😎😎😎😎😎 brilliant!!!!!!! Play it live, Morgan and Matt? 👍👏 Dabidabidabidabi…. 😂

    Pray without the voice? Yesssssss! But the version with the voice is great too!

    Guiding light … well, I hate this song …. The guitar is lovely, but I really hoped for an instrumental here … nope!

    ST theme …..  yes, love it! 

    Fever ….. I mean, yes yes yes yes! as we already knew 😊

    Unintended lullaby ……. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 it‘s mesmerizing 

    It‘s a wild mix of soft and  sci-fi -songs. But somehow, after first listen, it works. 

    can‘t wait for the vinyl!! 

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