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  1. Ok, thank you! Yes, I ‚ve read about him buying this guitar and he‘s planning to use it! I‘m no big fan of the album Showbiz, it git great songs but as a whole .. no thanks. But if this means he intends to write more heartfelt and personal songs, or with anger, then count me in on the hype! 
    what have we got so far?

    - making new sounds with the guitar

    - going back to the beginning/ with the Jeff Buckley-guitar in mind 

    - no mellow ballads for Muse 

    - Muse is more bombastic, heavy .. 


    What else?

  2. 18 minutes ago, Jobby said:

    Soaked was one of the first songs that came to me as well ❤️ probs that and RBS

    Ooh, interesting, didn’t know they were going for something like that. I know they did film something just before the gig and Hans said it was for the film but I figured it’d just be the main menu or something :’)

    Welllll colour me excited. Love that they’re trying something so ambitious with it. Seems like something that would’ve made more sense for Drones, though granted ST is a better album.

    ST better than Drones 🙈😱 never !!

  3. This sounds very much like a Musical .... imo it‘s too short, I was waiting for a bridge, turning point, Idk ... 

    The melody is beautiful, the piano and strings as well. I think it‘ll need to grow on me, but ...

    Don‘t you waaaaste iiiitttt .... sticks in my head! 

    It is pure and was written in a short time ... 


    what will the videoclip be like 🤔Lol ok ...... 🤪🤣

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