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  1. Can you post a picture of what you're seeing Fabri? I can't seem to get that screen up
  2. Not really - the signal seems to be that if one of your party isn't the person who booked the tickets, you're not getting into the concert. Pretty harsh if I'm honest - the least they could do it allow ticket transferring
  3. You haven't even been to one yet Fabri reserve your judgement until you experience it in gig conditions - the show really is fantastic this time around, even with its flaws!
  4. Haha well I was stood right next to Aoife who I think is who has said that he said it was awesome but I don't know where she got that from - I may have missed him saying that but I know he defiantly said it sounded too 90's so wasn't sure! He did do a cheeky smile though, so I got the feeling that he wants to play it
  5. I'm not sure if this is a joke or not...? Of course they didnt cover Chop Suey! It was just played over the speaker system, it was a Richard Cheese cover I believe. I'm kind of hoping that this was a joke though...
  6. Will be online Tuesday ready to get tickets! I predict the set will be quite short and will probably be just the basic set of songs, weighted heavily on The 2nd Law and whatever songs are actually in the film... However, I wouldn't putit past Muse to add in one or two rarities...
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