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  1. Can't wait for tickets! So excited! And extremely happy!
  2. I completely agree. However, to be honest: I have no idea what dubstep really is. I've never listened to it So even if it is - good for me, I'll get a chance to know new thing
  3. I know, I know! But you know... all this excitement! BTW. Is this Hayley Williams from Paramore on your avatar? ;D
  4. Okay then, I was just trying to say that they are not open for sumbitting my card details. I know that I can get acces by email. But that's why I get confused, especially when everyone is talking about money on their accounts;) I'm just excited. And nervous because I wish I could get those tickets right now. So I get confused very easily, sorry;)
  5. Yeah, pre-sale is only through Muse's website, but when you clicked on Polish gig (23.11), instead of application form (as for any other gig) you get information that the site which "organize" ticket sale is not open yet. You can check yourself;) This is Poland. We are "special", ha ha ha:D
  6. Ha ha, this is very confusing. You talk about money taken while I can't even fill in my card information because polish site is not open for buying Muse tickets yet. At least that's what muse.mu says because polish website where I was looking for more information says something completely differnet (quite normal - polish things usually confuses me more than english...;p). But well... it all will become clear at 13th. At least that's what muse.mu says... I wish I could get this tickets now! I would feel safe and sound
  7. POLANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! OMG, Muse, if you keep doing that to me day after day I will die before that fucking album will be out! I CAN'T BE MORE HAPPY!
  8. Hahaha, not really the truth! I don't know if I like dubstep or not. Because I've never really listened to it. But I don't mind it when it's Muse's because I know they'll make it awesome. They've never disappointed me so far, so I'm pretty sure it will be an epic album. They taught me one thing over the years: being open-minded. Seriously, I'm open for new sounds, things, experiments as well as they seem to be. My thoughts exactly! True story! Massive surprice I would say. I love the way they make me feel. No one else can get so excited and so surprised and so happy at the same tame...;D And the title - this sounds so much like Muse for me! Can't wait!
  9. OMG! I'm too excited to write right now! Now I really feel that new Muse era is coming. And it feels so fucking great that I can hardly stand it!!!!! SO SO SO EXCITED. And about that dubstep thing - I really don't care. They've never disappointed me so far! I would trust them with my life and I love them unconditionaly so... I truly believe it will be an awesome album anyway. After all, there is one thing muse taught me - be open minded. So I'm open for new things as well as they are. Because I know they will do something truly extraordinary out of it. And I dare called myself a MUSER:) And I'm pround of that. Cheers!
  10. THIS IS NOT TRUE. You just have to look more carefully and you will find many girls who are obssesed with other generes of music. Really.
  11. Ohhh, I wish my mum could get so emotional about them. However, I'm not complaining. Sometimes she comes into my room and says nice things about them. Like "oh, I like this song". "OMG, is this really him singing like that?" Besides my brother is close to become a Muser - it's a matter of time. Or rather one badass live show. I hope to take him next year to one;)
  12. Hahah:D Let's hope for more than 7 albums All in all, everything seems to be really fine between them so no worries for now;) It was just an example, you know, to depict my point;) And you know what? I love being a Muser. It is amazing how many postive and beautiful things everyone of us can write about them and how much connected to one another we can feel - this is the feeling that no one can understand better than Musers themselves;)
  13. As I live with my parents, they have no other choice they had to used to Muse. Firstly they found it difficult, my mum said they were weird. My father didn't care as long as the music wasn't too loud. My brother used to making fun of them. Also they were all saying that "this is just another pointless obsession of yours, it will pass within a month". But as the time passed and it did not, thay started to like them. My brother is now a real fan (not a Muser yet, but he likes them very much so maybe one day...). My parents don't know what Matt is singing about and my mum still thinks he is ugly BUT they agree that Muse make great music and Matt's voice is just significant;) Speaking of my friends - apart from those I'm studying with now (they usually don't have any idea "what" Muse is when I mention it, one of them actually asked me once "Muse? Is this a chinese thing?" ;O) - most of them like or at least tolerate Muse. One of them is actually a pwoper Muser. And three of my friends have been with me to the Muse gig in 2010 here in Poland so I think I am pretty lucky;) No one is as much obsessed (especially for such a long time) as I am, but still;)
  14. Speaking of suicide - we all are obssesed and I'm sure some of us see Muse as susbtitute for life, it's just the way how we see it - you have to be realistic. I mean - Matt, Dom and Chris are just people. Extraordinary, extremely talented and brilliant, but still humans. They will split up one day, that's what every band eventually does. But they've already created so much great music! Even if they split up after the sixth album (I hope not, of course, but even if) I will appreciate that they left so much music behind. I mean this is the beauty of them. And of music itself. As you said: Muse isn't a passing obsession - once you love them, you always want to come back. And you always will be able to. Music can't hurt you, it will be always there for you, no matter if the band is still making new stuff or not. Once created, Music will not chanage or disappear. Those five albums of Muse plus b-sides and lots of live stuff - those are hours of great music, great memories, great feelings and emotions. It can inspire you throughout the whole life. And that is what you should stick to when they split up. At least this is how I see Muse and music you really love;) Besides it is accurate when it comes to other obsessions like Potter for example - I was growing up with those books and films and I felt really sad when the last book was published or the last movie came out. But evantually it passed. Now I am so grateful that I can still come back to those books or films. And recall such a fanatastic memories of the past 10 years;)
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