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  1. Hi guys I'm seeing Muse at 03.03 and am planning to stay in Paris for four nights. I wanted to try couch surfing and so I thought that maybe someone here knows someone who would be willing to lend me their couch for a few nights. It would be perfect if I could find fellow Musers among couchserfers. If anyone knows anything please let me know. My profile on CS: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/anna.pecka
  2. Hi everyone! Any ideas / rumours / information when the new merch from Drones Era will appear in the muse.mu shop?
  3. Woah it is already so close, i can't waaaaait
  4. I agree it sounds a bit like a Starlight pt 2 and I like it. Also, it seems to have some of Big Freeze vibe, which I like as well ^^ After first 20 seconds I burst out laughing, but it was enough to get it a second listen to get hooked on it Hilarious as always. I mean: this is the Muse that I know. And by the way, I still love this board. Some comments are really priceless here
  5. ^THIS!! ME TOO I agree completely! ^hahahaha, love this <3 Very good point. I second that. Not the best idea, reading the board when you haven't heard the song yourself.
  6. That's why I bloody love them and that's why I'm always going to come back for more! Same here hahaha, thought the same when I heard "million drones" ME TOO! So excited! At first I wasn't sure, but half way through they totally got me. Lost after the second time. Goosebumps! I mean, that's exactly why they've been my favourite band for the past 6 years, and that's why they'll remain one. Love the cheesiness of the lyrics. And the lyrics video And the way Matt delivers vocals, my god I'm in love!! If the vocals on the whole album are kept in the similar manner, I'll melt! And well, bring on The Globalist!
  7. Wait, so it'll be broadcast in less then hour on Greg James programme on BBC Radio 1, is that correct? Or should I put on some other programme? Let me know, please
  8. ^totally agree! ^good point; however, well, I wrote an essay on New Born's lyrics once, and I'd say that it can actually make a lot of sense, at least to me Anyway, as I said before: I love the fact that the song is told from abuser's perspective. And I'd say it's supposed to be cringe-worthy.
  9. ^ well, I got used to it rather quickly. On repeated listens Ha, so true! At times I even think that you sort of ought to speak up here only when you don't like their new stuff. It seems sort of trendy to criticize whatever they do here But, on the other hand, it has always been that way here, at least ever since I started listening to them ;-) Sometimes I think Muse set standards way too high, and just because they has already done so many various things with their music and sound, no matter what they do now, it's never enough. I mean... there were so many complaints about them being too experimental, too complex, too bombastic, too much electronic, too much pop, too little rock, but when they actually do a simple rocker, it's still bad. I mean, come on, fulfilling Musers' expectations seems impossible these days. Probably because we can't really name them ourselves But anyway: I do enjoy reading all the criticism here. I always have. I even think that that's why I love Muse and this community so freaking much
  10. Ugh, and I'm still waiting for them to announce the other headliner... But I'll be there, surely
  11. ^ I agree, completely. ^ Hell yeah, me too! ^ I'd say that's precisely why it'll be so GREAT live ^ Haha, true story! Of course I personally am completely in love with it. I wouldn't complain about the "silly" and not really deep lyrics - I'd say that's the whole point! I absolutely love the fact that the song is told from the abuser's perspective! I don't think Muse has done that before (correct me if I'm wrong, but looking at The Resistance which seems to be slightly similar thematically to Drones, Matt sings only about the abused, doesn't he?). For me it's quite a perfect sonng (another one) about brainwashing and since I'm quite into those kind of topics (wrote my BA thesis on brainwashing in Orwell's '1984'), I love it to the bits! Sure it's a bit hilarious, or 'hilariously offensive', but it wouldn't be a Muse song without a proper dose of silliness, at least not for me Besides, I second that: I enjoy all the screaming parts as well - makes me think of Pink Floyd (someone has pointed it here before) and I love it! As for the accusation about allegedly offending people with mental illness with this song: I personally think it's just someone missing the whole point. There are obviously different kinds of mental illnesses, and seriously, this song is about a very specific kind of psycho. It's a song about a demonic psychopath, not mental illness in general. The fact that Matt sings what he sings about with his own voice has little to do with his opinions on people with mental illnesses. That's what art is about for me: he impersonates someone else and he does it well. I can hear someone who is a psycho in a demonic sense in this song, and I love it. It doesn't make anyone who has mental illness a demonic creature, get a perspective. And anyway, just in general, I wanted to say, to all of you, that however annoyed I sometimes get with people here, I really do love being part of this community Muse makes me (and has always made me) awfully happy I can't wait to see them live again and meet at least some of you in the crazy crowds!
  12. Hi there everyone! I'm posting my photography on dA, and I thought you'd like to have a look Here is the link: http://dreamyana.deviantart.com/
  13. Michelle, I see you on Friday evening! )) don't forget to bring me one questionnaire! I totally can't wait!
  14. Okay, guys, I don't get it at all. I've just received an email saying: We are writing to confirm the despatch of your recent order. The order details are as below - Order reference number ............... 1 tickets (numbers 91,4,18) for MUSE on Saturday 25th May 2013 Your Tickets were despatched on Thursday 18th April 2013 And I'm from Poland. Central Europe. It's definitely outside the U.K. Now I'm just extremely confused.
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