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  1. Yeah speech is great. I'm the total opposite about computer hacking vs. lockpicking - I ALWAYS mess up the lockpicking, even the super easy ones, and enjoy computer hacking so much more :chuckle:. I've been thinking of what kind of character to build next. Might go for a stealthy sniper.


    Oh most definitely, the more puns the better! Ahh no I haven't yet, still waiting on the album to arrive and I can't find it on youtube. I could download it but I feel weird about doing that with hotel internet haha. I did hear all the other songs though - Drones was very strange, I was not expecting it. Not sure what I think about it yet. I did really like Revolt though! I think Drones and Aftermath are my least favourite so far. Once I hear the Globalist and the whole album through a few times though I'll have a better idea.

  2. The great thing about Fallout is that it does have tons of replay value. I still feel bad about robbing people, I can't stand losing karma! :chuckle: Yeah I'm a big fan of the energy weapons, although finding enough ammo for them can be a bit harder I find. I like the sci-fi feel to them instead of your average gun. Basically I'm kinda going for a sci-fi build so I specialize in energy weapons and science mainly, and speech because it's hilarious at how great you are at convincing people and you can get away with a lot :chuckle:. I'm pretty bad at the lockpicking, even the easy ones...

    Yeah that's what I'm expecting too. I'll probably still just play on a desktop


    Yeah she was used for "convenience" a lot instead of writing her practically. Same with me, Cisco grew on me a lot! He's one of my favourites. I can't imagine anyone but Wentworth Miller playing him :LOL: he's so perfect.


    It would be cool to see him back for an episode or two at least. Grodd is an interesting character. Yeah I'm curious how all of the stuff seen in the "future" will all happen. Should be an exciting ride!



    Yeah I heard there was a leak?? I've been tempted to download/listen but I'm forcing myself to wait, for better or worse. So I've only heard the ones I've gotten download codes via the deluxe edition (i.e. Psycho, Drones, Handler, Reapers, Mercy, and Defector). I'm loving all of them so far, especially together - listening to them in a row works really well, they really add to each other. Not sure which is my favourite so far. I do really love the guitar part in Defector that comes in at 2:38... so much! I've heard so much talk about the Globalist on the forums. But I will wait! :eek:

  3. I'm in California now! I need sunscreen...


    Heh yeah I'm always very thorough with looting. I'm pretty new to the Fallout franchise so I haven't played too many expansions or dlc. My first playthrough is always as the good guy, and I always try to play a bad guy later... but I find it really hard... unless a very charitable bad guy counts... lol. Do you prefer energy weapons then?

    Excited about Fallout 4 :awesome:


    Yeah, I know right? The first episode I was laughing at how cheesy it was but it grew on me so much. I would be lying if I said I didn't cry throughout the finale. I think the acting is great, there are characters you really care for (although Iris can be pretty selfish), and it's a really well paced story. I just hope they don't burn out with all the great antagonists they've featured already.


    Also, Captain Cold. Is awesome. He cracks me up with every line for how cheesy he is but that's his thing, it's perfect :LOL:


    Yeah they did a great job with the effects given the budget, which I'm pretty sure was not huge considering it being a TV show on such a small network. Especially in the finale with the singularity over Central City - such a great shot. Grodd was great too. I could see Ronnie dying too, although since I thought Killer Frost was coming it made sense that he would still be around to counteract that. Haha, yeah I would have preferred blue hair, not sure why it had to blonde!

    Legends of Tomorrow looks great!


  4. Thanks! Ah, nice to hear it's been a bit cooler than the average summer. Hopefully it won't be too much hotter than Vancouver :p. Nice, Fallout 3 is great. I've been playing through New Vegas. I'm the kind of person who tries to hit every single side quest for fear of missing something (I can't help it!) so I'm not that far into the storyline but... let's just say I'm very well off in the bottle caps and weapons department....




    I agree, I don't want them to drag it out, as much as I love the series. Seasons 1 and 2 definitely felt more fast-paced than season 3, which I liked. Yeah, he really seemed to be less cruel this season, and I think the presidency had that effect on him. I do feel like we'll see more of cruel Frank later though. I liked her as a brunette too! And jeez, I felt so sorry for his grandson :(




    Ahh, that's too bad they were not closer! Hopefully they will stop by in their North American Tour and you'll hear those songs then!


    Yep, it was pretty great!



    It was a very emotional finale. I honestly didn't see Eddie shooting himself to stop Eobard coming. I think he's going to become Cobalt Blue though. Interesting to see little hints at Vibe and Killer Frost next season, and Barry in jail...


    Overall I've loved the Flash, hopefully it can keep it up next season!


  5. Done with finals (went well) and now on to a research position. I'll actually probably be going to California in a bit too. This summer is so busy! How have you been?



    I think part of what fuelled Doug's behaviour was because it was Rachel that put him out of work for so long - Doug is extremely dedicated to Underwood and all of those days stuck at home unable to work (and constantly being told to stay put by Frank) definitely contributed to increasing his already obsessive stalkerish tendencies. I dunno, just a thought!

    Haha, I loved that debate scene too. Especially when Jackie finally had to point out about the Dunbar sending her kids to private school - at that moment I felt sooo sorry for Jackie and it was painful to watch, but at the same time Frank was LOVING it, which made it pretty great. :chuckle:

    I know what you mean about Petrov; I could never decide whether I liked or disliked him. I think it was really interesting seeing a leader that was very similar to Frank and how they worked together - and both recognized how similar they were. I thought he was a great character but he made things very stressful for Frank.

    I agree; the final scene should have been stronger. Overall the season felt really weird. Part of that was because I thought (like in the British version) season 3 would be the last season so assumedly there'd be a HUGE finale after an entire season of his downfall - so for every mistake made by Frank, I felt like I was watching him crumble before my eyes. But knowing the season now, and how it was really just a lead in for Clare leaving him, I think I was just overreacting to those mistakes (if that makes sense!). I do think that he was "softer" this season; not extremely cruel, but really wanting to do a good job for his country as president.

    I'm happy Freddy has a job now too :awesome:

    Remy did grow on me a lot this season. I don't blame him for wanting out of the White House.


    I'm pretty out of the loop too; recently I haven't really been looking for new bands, just been content with the music I have now.

    Man, how long would it have taken to get all those beer cans ready :eek:



    I've heard! I really hope they announce the NA tour soon.

  6. Thanks!


    Exactly, I was an entirely different feel than the last two seasons! I know she's supposed to be the "good guy" but whenever I saw Heather Dunbar I wanted to punch her in the face :fear:. Doug scared me a lot this season though because I was never entirely sure whose side he was on.


    I can imagine :p. Apparently they'll be in Vancouver this May, might think about going. I should really look up other band tour dates; I'm really out of the loop these days!


    That's true. I really hope they bring Assassin back especially, and I'm always up for old favourites :awesome:.



  7. Good! Me too; just accepted a undergrad research award at my university for the summer which I'm really excited for!


    Haha that's true, definitely nobodies talking about it anymore. I finished House of Cards by the weekend after it was released. It definitely has a different feel than the previous seasons; more emotional I think, and it's different seeing Frank not in control of things and instead reacting to them.


    Listened to the whole album. Disappointed there weren't more albums; I really liked it! It has a really good mix of indie rock and heavy.


    Cheesy and on the nose describes it well :chuckle:. I was even wondering if all the drill sergeant parts were actually part of the song. They probably are though. Yeah, they usually come a bit less than half a year from album release date, so fall/winter sounds about right. I better not be working or writing an exam or something when tickets go on sale :fear:

    Ahh yes, the naive new main musers :chuckle:


    I can't see myself going unless I was really sure I knew I had solved it, but at the same time it would be quite the adventure. Apparently no-one's solved past the first 2 (out of 9) clues so it could be a long while before it's found. I'd like to think I'd at least try, not now but sometime :p

  8. That's so great, I'm glad you've had a good semester and time in Belgium!! I've been okay, really swamped with a lot of school. But I recently got offered an undergraduate research position at my university with one of my favourite profs, and the position might even mean going to do research at the Imperial College in London! I'd probably try to see other parts of Europe too; I have friends in Amsterdam who I can stay with, so hopefully I can at least hit there! The school is still not sure yet whether that part of the program will happen (since they need to find a prof and student in the UK and that would do an exchange) but it's a possibility!


    Anyways, haha that's awesome that they love Vancouver so much! And glad to hear the internship went well! :happy:


    Yeah the BC Lions didn't end up doing all that well... they got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs pretty badly, losing 50-17! The head coach was fired as well as some of the assistant coaches. This years team looks really different, so it'll be interesting to see how the season goes!


    That's awesome, and that's a lot of countries! That's the cool thing about Europe; the US and Canada are HUGE compared to the countries there so I always find it amazing how you can drive from country to country to country in such short time! And all the countries have such different cultures and feels.


    I don't watch Game of Thrones, but it's definitely popular. I think I would enjoy the plot of and the stories of the series but from what I've heard there's a lot of sex in the show and that doesn't appeal to me at all XD. I'm looking for a new show to watch so I'll check the Blacklist out!


    Did you watch the last season of House of Cards?

  9. Finally out of a rough patch of school work >.>


    How've you been?


    I haven't seen the Interview. It doesn't appeal to me all that much but I might see it just because of the hype. You're right; it's probably been really overhyped! I haven't watched too many movies recently but I've started watching documentaries because they're shorter haha. There are some really interesting ones out there.


    Yeah I haven't heard of Royal Blood, might check them out now. $15 is a steal! Have fun :awesome:


    So Psycho is out! Thoughts? :D I really liked it; it's very raw and heavy (for Muse), if a bit straightforward, but I think that's part of the point. Super looking forward to North America tour dates being announced...!


    Have you ever heard of Fenn's treasure? Apparently a bazillionare named Forrest Fenn hid over a million dollars in gold coins/rubies/etc in a box somewhere in the Rocky Mountains (it could be as far south as northern New Mexico, and as far north as northern Montana... somewhere between there!), and there is a riddle/poem that, when solved, will lead you right to it... I've been spending more time than I should be trying to solve it :chuckle:. It's a lot of fun. Tens of thousands of people go looking for it every year...

  10. Merry Christmas! (belated, sorry I'm a bit late!)


    :chuckle: Nice. I've only watched a bit of Arrested Development; got to the end of the original series run. I've been sucked back into Guild Wars 2 after a long time... :shifty:


    Yeah that's what I've heard about Arrow. I still think I should start watching it soon. Also, I HAD NO IDEA JOHNNY BRAVO/SCOOBY DOO HAD A CROSSOVER :LOL:



    I agree about Demon Dean vs. Evil Cas; Evil Cas was definitely over too quickly... he could easily have been made the Big Bad for season 7 but instead we got the boring Leviathans.



    Did you end up checking Flash out?


    It was one of my brother's favourites as well.


    Good to hear! I hope you had a nice Christmas too! And yes things are going very well for me too; Christmas was wonderful this year :happy: and I'm looking forward to my last couple weeks of relaxing before school is back. I really should watch more movies; way below how many I watched last year :noey:

  11. Good to hear things are going nicely! I hope you have some great plans for Christmas :happy:


    I'll have to check it out then! Finals for me will be over by Sunday; the binge-watching of shows shall begin :yesey:.


    Definitely what I've heard about Arrow :chuckle:. Some of the Arrow cast had the cross-over with Flash so I think I definitely should check it out soon. It's really neat that since they are on the same network and in the same universe, they can have that kind of interplay :awesome:



    I agree, Demon Dean was over waaaay too quickly. I thought he was pretty fun, especially his cockiness in that fight between him and Cole. It was interesting seeing Demon Dean as not something just evil, but rather just not having a care in the world and doing whatever he felt like (like the horrible Karaoke :chuckle:). Also Crowley missing Dean was pretty funny.



    At least the Mark of Cain is still very prevalent in the story; Dean is still a really loose cannon!


    American Horror Story:


    That was really freaky! I'm only onto the second episode of this season now... with school and the other shows I've gotten pretty behind.



    The more I watch Flash, the more I'm enjoying it. I think it's actually a pretty good show. Great acting, lots of mystery as to who's who, easter eggs, and well-paced story progression among other things.


    Oh man, you had to show me that too, didn't you! :p Indeed there are some great animes!


    Still haven't seen Interstellar! But I really want to! Especially with all the hype about the black hole. I've actually heard it's pretty accurate with the science (save for one glaring discrepancy apparently, but whatever).


    Anyways, again really good to hear that things are going well; hope they still are for you! Things are going well on my end too; as I mentioned, I'm almost done finals, and I'm feeling really good about my courses this term. Got some great courses to look forward to next term, too, and some other fun stuff planned like Emerald City Comicon. Life is good overall :happy:

  12. I'm so sorry I've been so long! How have you been?!


    Did they enjoy their time in Vancouver? If they stopped by Granville Island there is a chance I could have served them or something :chuckle:. How did your internship go?


    Simon did get his number retired after all :happy:. And the banner that has his name and number at BC Place Stadium is right behind my seats! And yeah, all-time leading receiver for the CFL.

    This season we've got a new team, Ottawa Red-Blacks (a pretty bad name if you ask me :chuckle:) in the East, and Winnipeg switched over to the West so there are 5 teams in the West and 4 in the East. We're 4th in the West so far and the season is over in a few weeks - but because of the difference in number of teams between W/E, if our final record is better than the 3rd place in the East, we can do something called a crossover in the playoffs and take their place in the East Division Playoffs! We're right on pace for that, although Winnipeg who is in 5th is doing pretty well too, and the East teams are playing better now, so it's getting really close. The Grey Cup is in Vancouver again this year so we'll see what happens D:


    How was Belgium? Or are you still there? :awesome:


    Breaking Bad was pretty great. Hank was a really good character! Yeah it didn't end well for him :(. Right now in terms of current shows I'm watching Supernatural, Modern Family, Flash, and American Horror Story. I just finished watching some older shows too, like Death Note - you should try it! If you are feeling like a dark, and very clever/smart show :awesome:.

  13. Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry I have been absent so long!!! :$ How have you been doing?


    Ahh yes, Godzilla :p that was a great review, too.


    I did like Breaking Bad a lot! The last few episodes especially were really good. I knew he was going to die in the finale since the first episode but it was really well done. I had heard of the spinoff, though I hadn't seen a trailer for it yet :chuckle:


    Arrested Development is pretty great :LOL:. It's really clever humour. I'd like to say it's smart humour about stupid people XD. I watched some of season 1 of Mad Men but got preoccupied with other stuff - I'll start it again later. I haven't heard of Fargo - is it still good/still playing? Glad you were enjoying it!


    Yeah I heard that Arrow was absolutely horrible in season 1 but came out of nowhere in season 2. Also haven't heard of the Americans or Strain. I should really start Arrow though.


    For current shows on, right now I'm keeping track on Supernatural, Modern Family, American Horror Story, and Flash. Flash was actually not bad, really cheesy at times (but that is to be expected) but entertaining. Although the physicist in me get's pretty annoyed when they fudge physics a lot, heheh. I can understand accepting the Speed Force, it's fiction and all that, that's fine. But when the particle accelerator expert puts on a serious face and says "antimatter and dark energy was popping up all over the place"... I just think... you really don't know what you're talking about :chuckle:. But anyways.


    Random shows I'm watching are Futurama, almost done that, and still Arrested Development. Also just finished Death Note which is probably my favourite animated shows of all time, maybe one of my favourite shows ever too. If you want to watch something really clever and dark, try it out. :yesey:


    Anyways, again, how have you been! It's been awhile!

  14. Don't worry about it! Sounds like you had a good school year, glad to hear :happy:


    Thanks, and I'll let you know! :chuckle: For some reason I've also started collecting quarters with the states on them until I get them all. Thanks! Still... haven't gotten around to driving :facepalm: but I have played a bit of bass and also some drums! I'm sure your internship will go really well, that's awesome you have that :awesome:


    Ahh well hopefully they can figure things out soon. The CFL season hasn't started but Geroy Simon retired a few days ago! I'm sure that even though he didn't finish with the Lions, his number will still get retired.


    Sounds great! :awesome:


    Yeah apparently I think they had 4 seasons and then got canceled on their network. But then a different thing funded them and they made 3 movies, which are considered the 5th season, and then they finished the series off with a few more seasons. Something like that. Since then I've watched Breaking Bad and now I'm starting on some new shows.

  15. Nice! What have you gotten up to so far? I hope summer is going well!


    I thought Godzilla was entertaining but not a good movie. But I mean, you don't really see the movie to see good acting and storyline; it's to see badass monsters fight on screen :p. I did really like the look of Godzilla in the movie. Yeah Ken Watanabe was kinda wasted, only had one expression the whole movie. Bryan Cranston could have been used more too I think. There was too much emphasis on his son in the movie and he wasn't an interesting character.


    Since I finished Breaking Bad I've moved on to... way too many shows at once! Mad Men, Simpsons, Misfits, Arrested Development, Derek, and some more I've forgotten. Oh and this one :cool:




  16. I wish they hadn't parted either :(


    I did pass all my classes! How did your exams go? I'm glad you're over with them and have them out of the way. Are you on summer break now then?


    That's a cool nickname to have! I'm pretty tired of my current name but I'm too lazy to change it :p.


    Seeing Godzilla tomorrow. Pretty psyched about it :awesome:

  17. You must be done or close to being done now! :awesome: I just finished my last exam on Thursday so now I'm free for the summertime. I'm going to be working at the bakery I was at last summer for the third time in a row; also probably going to learn how to drive (I know I'm really late in doing so...) and I might start learning the bass guitar. Not sure yet but those are some rough plans. I'm really looking forward to this summer. What about you?


    How are they doing now? And how did the game you went to go? Hope it was fun!


    I didn't know that you will be in Belgium! That's awesome! :awesome: WOW!


    No problem with that! I've never watched it before. I think George Takei is a voice at some point in that show though, that'd be funny to hear him :chuckle:. Right now I'm watching Futurama for the first time. Really enjoying that too; it's quite clever. I'm past season 4 now and into the movies.

  18. I really liked Freddy! :(


    :chuckle: Yeah I remember watching it a few times when I was little but not more than that. Certainly can't think of it the same ever again though!


    How have your exams gone, if you're taking them/took them? I'm finally done all of my exams so I'm free! They went okay. Some definitely harder than others but other people had trouble as well, so I don't feel that worried about them and they might get scaled.


    LUIGI :awesome:

  19. Oh wow you do have a lot of school left! School has been crazy for me, which is why I've been so slow at responding, sorry! I've got 4 finals between the 12th and 17th of April and actual classes only just finished... most people have finals all the way to the end of April. This term went okay I guess, a lot harder than last term though. I enjoyed most of my classes overall although my "grade-booster" first year psych class turned out to be the opposite of that :facepalm::chuckle:. Well good luck on your finals and any midterms you may have left!


    How's the season going now? You must be excited! I didn't know your college made March Madness, that must've been awesome! Good for you guys.


    Wow, you guys have surprisingly gotten so much more snow than we have. We had maybe two weekends of snow, spaced weeks/months apart... and it melted pretty quickly! Glad to hear spring break was nice :happy:


    House of Cards was awesome! I know Frank is horrible but he's the guy I'm cheering for :chuckle:. I felt really sorry for Peter.




    I wasn't too surprised by Zoe's death, well I mean I thought that she was getting too unruly and unpredictable and that he would have to do something about. I still cheered for Frank when it happened :shifty:



    Yeah, really surprising! Also that Ty Olsson is the blue dragon from Dragon Tales - never going to get over that one :chuckle:


    How have you been? School has been crazy for me so I haven't been online in a while!

  21. :p



    That's a really good theory too, I was actually thinking about that too. Like he would rather go out on his own terms than see himself completely fall.


    Frank is my favourite. I mean how can you not love Kevin Spacey! So many great characters though. Interesting that you say Remy because I find him so frustrating and annoying :LOL:.

    I only found out yesterday that Claire is played by the same person as in the Princess Bride! It just... does not make sense... I would never have guessed!

  22. Damn school, I've been so busy, sorry it's been a while!


    Pffft I'm not worried :p


    It was REALLY good and I can't wait til next season! :eek: Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor. And you're totally right about him being horrible but... you want him to succeed and win...

    I'm wondering how the last season will end. I haven't read up on the BBC version so as not to spoil myself in case they follow a similar route. My guess is that

    he'll get murdered in the last episode (by who?!) and will do one last monologue over that, American Beauty style haha. But really, now that he's president what more will he want...


  23. I know what you mean! Things are so busy right now for me too. But school is probably ending pretty soon for you, right? Good luck on all your exams and papers!


    Baseball is always something to look forward to! Ahaha I see what you mean, you're right. I remember when the Lions played the Western Final and all the sports analysts were picking them to win... and you can probably guess who one in the end.


    Sounds like you do deserve the break! Any plans so far? We've only had two weekends of snow in months, and it never stuck around for long. It's crazy how much snow you guys have been getting from what I've heard.


    I just started watching House of Cards on Saturday... and I'm into season 2 now :chuckle:. It's VERY good and Kevin Spacey is amazing. Frank does so many horrible things but I keep wanting him to succeed... D:


    I was able to find them! And they were very surprised. I've gone back several times since then, especially a few times over reading break since I had such a lighter schedule. They're probably sick of seeing me :chuckle: BUT I would say I'm a respectful fan and they do recognize that.

  24. So... US didn't get a medal in men's hockey :p


    I started watching House of Cards on Saturday. Already into season 2... :facepalm: It's really good!

  25. It definitely looks like it's appeal to a younger crowd.


    Well now that you mention it :LOL:. We also beat you guys for the Gold in Women's hockey :p.

    Did you see that billboard with the "Loser Keeps Bieber" message? :chuckle:

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