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  1. That's so great, I'm glad you've had a good semester and time in Belgium!! I've been okay, really swamped with a lot of school. But I recently got offered an undergraduate research position at my university with one of my favourite profs, and the position might even mean going to do research at the Imperial College in London! I'd probably try to see other parts of Europe too; I have friends in Amsterdam who I can stay with, so hopefully I can at least hit there! The school is still not sure yet whether that part of the program will happen (since they need to find a prof and student in the UK and that would do an exchange) but it's a possibility!


    Anyways, haha that's awesome that they love Vancouver so much! And glad to hear the internship went well! :happy:


    Yeah the BC Lions didn't end up doing all that well... they got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs pretty badly, losing 50-17! The head coach was fired as well as some of the assistant coaches. This years team looks really different, so it'll be interesting to see how the season goes!


    That's awesome, and that's a lot of countries! That's the cool thing about Europe; the US and Canada are HUGE compared to the countries there so I always find it amazing how you can drive from country to country to country in such short time! And all the countries have such different cultures and feels.


    I don't watch Game of Thrones, but it's definitely popular. I think I would enjoy the plot of and the stories of the series but from what I've heard there's a lot of sex in the show and that doesn't appeal to me at all XD. I'm looking for a new show to watch so I'll check the Blacklist out!


    Did you watch the last season of House of Cards?

  2. That's okay! I'm sorry too! I've been really well! This past semester was so great. Belgium was amazing, and I got to travel to a bunch of other countries. How have you been?


    They loved Vancouver! My friend really wants to move their one day. It is by far his favorite city that he's ever been to. He likes all of the Pacific Northwest area, but especially Vancouver. I'll have to ask if they went there! It went well! It was a good experience and I really liked the people that I worked with.


    Glad to hear it got retired! Good for him.

    How did the season end up going? I remember hearing about the Grey Cup and I don't think I heard that Vancouver was in it. Sorry about that!

    The Cardinals made it to the playoffs again this year but lost in the series before the World Series, to San Francisco (who beat us in 2012 as well). It was still a good season though, and they should be good next year too! They traded for one of the best right fielders in the game, Jason Heyward. I'm excited to see him play


    Belgium was so great! The classes we took were all about the EU and it was really interesting to learn about that. I made some good friends too, which was great. And traveled to 11 countries besides Belgium, which was so cool and interesting :happy:


    I've heard good things about Death Note! Do you watch Game of Thrones? Everyone tells me I would like it, and I'm sure I would, but I can't get myself to commit to it. There's a really good show I've been watching called The Blacklist. It's only been one season so far but I really like it. It's a crime show, but has sort of conspiracy theory undertones to it sort of. It's really good.

  3. I'm so sorry I've been so long! How have you been?!


    Did they enjoy their time in Vancouver? If they stopped by Granville Island there is a chance I could have served them or something :chuckle:. How did your internship go?


    Simon did get his number retired after all :happy:. And the banner that has his name and number at BC Place Stadium is right behind my seats! And yeah, all-time leading receiver for the CFL.

    This season we've got a new team, Ottawa Red-Blacks (a pretty bad name if you ask me :chuckle:) in the East, and Winnipeg switched over to the West so there are 5 teams in the West and 4 in the East. We're 4th in the West so far and the season is over in a few weeks - but because of the difference in number of teams between W/E, if our final record is better than the 3rd place in the East, we can do something called a crossover in the playoffs and take their place in the East Division Playoffs! We're right on pace for that, although Winnipeg who is in 5th is doing pretty well too, and the East teams are playing better now, so it's getting really close. The Grey Cup is in Vancouver again this year so we'll see what happens D:


    How was Belgium? Or are you still there? :awesome:


    Breaking Bad was pretty great. Hank was a really good character! Yeah it didn't end well for him :(. Right now in terms of current shows I'm watching Supernatural, Modern Family, Flash, and American Horror Story. I just finished watching some older shows too, like Death Note - you should try it! If you are feeling like a dark, and very clever/smart show :awesome:.

  4. I did! Hard to believe I am halfway done with college now!


    My good friend and his girlfriend are actually going up to Vancouver in August! Maybe you'll run into them at the bakery! Oh I have a quarter collection at home. That's awesome! My internship has been pretty good for the two weeks I've been here


    Well they are doing a little better! Still not in first place in their division but have seemed to pull it together a little. Oh that's too bad! He's the all-time leading receiver for the CFL, right?


    Yeah I am really excited! I leave for Belgium at the end of August


    Oh that makes sense. That would be really cool if they did a fifth season. What did you think of Breaking Bad? I really liked it. I loved Hank so much. That didn't work out too well :(

  5. Don't worry about it! Sounds like you had a good school year, glad to hear :happy:


    Thanks, and I'll let you know! :chuckle: For some reason I've also started collecting quarters with the states on them until I get them all. Thanks! Still... haven't gotten around to driving :facepalm: but I have played a bit of bass and also some drums! I'm sure your internship will go really well, that's awesome you have that :awesome:


    Ahh well hopefully they can figure things out soon. The CFL season hasn't started but Geroy Simon retired a few days ago! I'm sure that even though he didn't finish with the Lions, his number will still get retired.


    Sounds great! :awesome:


    Yeah apparently I think they had 4 seasons and then got canceled on their network. But then a different thing funded them and they made 3 movies, which are considered the 5th season, and then they finished the series off with a few more seasons. Something like that. Since then I've watched Breaking Bad and now I'm starting on some new shows.

  6. Hi! It's been so long since I've been on here. I am sorry about that. Yes I've been done for a few weeks now. Things ended up going very well at the end of the semester. I got good grades on all of my exams and things were generally good


    I hope you enjoy working at the bakery again. Let me know if you meet anyone from St Louis again! :chuckle:. Oh good lukc with driving and bass! That would be really good. I'm going back to DC in a few days. I have an internship in the government relations department of the Red Cross. I'm really looking forward to it!


    I just went to a game tonight actually! Sadly they lost and are still not doing too well. They are 30-28. Not awful, but they were predicted to be the best team in the league so they need to step it up.


    I know!!! I can't wait! It should be a lot of fun. It's a program through my school. All the classes are about the EU and NATO. It will be really awesome


    I've heard really good things about Futurama! I didn't know they made movies of it though

  7. You must be done or close to being done now! :awesome: I just finished my last exam on Thursday so now I'm free for the summertime. I'm going to be working at the bakery I was at last summer for the third time in a row; also probably going to learn how to drive (I know I'm really late in doing so...) and I might start learning the bass guitar. Not sure yet but those are some rough plans. I'm really looking forward to this summer. What about you?


    How are they doing now? And how did the game you went to go? Hope it was fun!


    I didn't know that you will be in Belgium! That's awesome! :awesome: WOW!


    No problem with that! I've never watched it before. I think George Takei is a voice at some point in that show though, that'd be funny to hear him :chuckle:. Right now I'm watching Futurama for the first time. Really enjoying that too; it's quite clever. I'm past season 4 now and into the movies.

  8. It's fine, I've been super busy too! School and my internship are taking up so much of my time, but at least I am enjoying it. I finished my last midterm on Thursday. Now I just have papers and finals left. Isn't that the worst, when you think you're taking an easy class and it ends up being way more work than you expected. I hope your finals are going well! It's so great that summer starts for you so soon! What are you going to be doing?


    It's going alright! We are 6-5. Still 151 won games left, so it's hard to make any judgements. A couple of our players are not hitting the ball at all, but for the most part it's going well. The Cardinals are going to be in DC next weekend so I'm going to the game!


    Yeah, break was great. Kinda bums me out that I won't be home for all of summer, but it'll be fin to be in DC too. OH! Did I tell you that next semester I'll be studying abroad in Belgium? :awesome: I am so excited!


    Right now, I am watching the animated Star Wars: the Clone Wars show. It's a kids show, but I really like it :$

  9. Oh wow you do have a lot of school left! School has been crazy for me, which is why I've been so slow at responding, sorry! I've got 4 finals between the 12th and 17th of April and actual classes only just finished... most people have finals all the way to the end of April. This term went okay I guess, a lot harder than last term though. I enjoyed most of my classes overall although my "grade-booster" first year psych class turned out to be the opposite of that :facepalm::chuckle:. Well good luck on your finals and any midterms you may have left!


    How's the season going now? You must be excited! I didn't know your college made March Madness, that must've been awesome! Good for you guys.


    Wow, you guys have surprisingly gotten so much more snow than we have. We had maybe two weekends of snow, spaced weeks/months apart... and it melted pretty quickly! Glad to hear spring break was nice :happy:


    House of Cards was awesome! I know Frank is horrible but he's the guy I'm cheering for :chuckle:. I felt really sorry for Peter.



  10. I've still got about a month of school left. I think it's four weeks of classes and then a week of final exams. I still have midterms left...which is annoying. But things are going okay so far. How is your semester going? Classes interesting?


    The Cardinals first game of the season is tomorrow! Things look good so far. No major injuries *knock on wood* and the new players we traded for are looking pretty good. Exactly! I hope the Cardinals can break the trend this year. Speaking of sports, I don't know if you saw, but my college (American University) made March Madness! We lost in the first round, but it was still cool to get to watch them.


    It snowed today even! It's been a ridiculous winter. not that I am complaining though; I love snow so much. Spring break was fun! I just went home and hung out with my family for a week. It was a good time though


    How are you liking House of Cards? I really enjoyed it but I never know who to root for. I liked Peter Russo but that didn't turn out so well... :chuckle:


    That's really cool! I'm glad you were able to find them!

  11. I know what you mean! Things are so busy right now for me too. But school is probably ending pretty soon for you, right? Good luck on all your exams and papers!


    Baseball is always something to look forward to! Ahaha I see what you mean, you're right. I remember when the Lions played the Western Final and all the sports analysts were picking them to win... and you can probably guess who one in the end.


    Sounds like you do deserve the break! Any plans so far? We've only had two weekends of snow in months, and it never stuck around for long. It's crazy how much snow you guys have been getting from what I've heard.


    I just started watching House of Cards on Saturday... and I'm into season 2 now :chuckle:. It's VERY good and Kevin Spacey is amazing. Frank does so many horrible things but I keep wanting him to succeed... D:


    I was able to find them! And they were very surprised. I've gone back several times since then, especially a few times over reading break since I had such a lighter schedule. They're probably sick of seeing me :chuckle: BUT I would say I'm a respectful fan and they do recognize that.

  12. Things have just gotten busier! I am doing pretty well, but I can't think of a time I have been this busy. And it's only going to get worse as the semester goes on, with final papers and such. My classes are mostly still interesting though, so that's good


    They are slowly but surely getting better. I though they would make a big improvement this year but didn't. Oh well, onto baseball season now! All the predictions have the Cardinals as the best team in baseball. Which is great, but also makes me nervous because the team that is predicted to be the best never finishes the best.


    Spring break is in two weeks! I need it very badly. Though much of it is going to be spent doing homework of course. We've had two more snow days also; it has snowed way more than average so far.


    After I finished Breaking Bad I started House of Cards. Literally everyone here watches it, because everyone loves politics and stuff.


    That's so cool! What an awesome thing they did! Were you able to find them? I hope so!

  13. Same with me, actually! I would've dropped 2 courses (!!) but that would've put me just under the 30 credit limit allowed by my degree. Still, dropping one course made a huge difference thank goodness! I hope things have settled down a bit for you!


    Well judging by their record it sounds like they've been getting better? I would be optimistic too! I remember the Hamilton Tiger Cats for several years kept placing last... going 3-15 and similar records... and they gradually got better and made it all the way to the Grey Cup last year! They didn't win but still, I'm sure the Rams will gradually get better!


    I just want this term to be over already :chuckle: I miss breaks too much. It's weird because weekends are my days to catch up on sleep so I sleep in... a lot... :chuckle:. Whoa nice, 4 day weekend! :awesome: We haven't had snow since November I think.


    I've heard it's so good! I'd love to watch it eventually. The rest of family is watching it and I'm all left out! I'm almost caught up on Psych though - nearly done season 6!


    AHHH on Friday I found Supernatural filming again and the actors came and took a picture with us fans! And I shook their hands and told them so many thank-you's and they thanked us back and were so lovely! And then the guy in charge of locations, who recognizes me since I go to set so often said that if I can find them on Tuesday, I will get something that only the cast and crew of Supernatural have :eek:. I really really want to find them... but the chances are so slim... it's so hard!


    The picture is here: http://sunshine-chinaline.tumblr.com/image/75229511021. I'm in the scarf and converse shoes standing next to the girl with the green jacket :chuckle:

  14. You're welcome! :happy:


    It's been really busy for me too. My internship is taking up a lot of time. I was considering dropping a course too but I have to take 30 credits over the course of the year to continue to be eligible for my merit aid so I don't really have a choice. I wish I could though. You probably made the right decision it sounds like!


    I'm optimistic for next season! But then again, I've been optimistic for the last few years to no avail! We have two first round picks this year in the draft because of a trade we made a couple years ago, so that's pretty exciting!


    I miss winter break too! I'm happy to be back in DC and see my friends here, but I miss not having to worry about anything. Miss being to stay up all night and wake up at noon. It's also super cold here. It was cold at home too though. Snowed 5 or 6 inches Monday night and we got school of Tuesday! And we already had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day, so we had a four day weekend :awesome:


    So in the midst of all that, I started Breaking Bad :LOL:. So X Files and Doctor Who are on hold for now. I'm flying through Breaking Bad though, it's so good!

  15. I'm very late in saying so but thank you!!! :happy:


    School's been so busy for me. How about for you? I've actually decided to drop a course for the first time. It's going to mean I do my degree in 5 years instead of 4 now. Oh well, I'd rather get better grades and understand what I'm learning than make a race out of it and just be able to say I did it in 4...


    It sounds like a better season that last year, though, for the Rams! And it's good that they showed they could win against good teams, that's promising. Yeah it's weird, that's happened before, about being able to win against good teams and losing against weaker ones. Hope the quarterback is better now.


    I started school in the first week of January. Winter break was really low-key and I really miss it :chuckle:. Lots of nice dinners, sleeping in, playing games with friends.... it was nice! How was yours?


    X-Files! That's on my list to watch since Supernatural makes so many references to it, and it's such a cult classic! Doctor Who... I've seen a few bits of episodes but never really got into it. But man is it popular. I hope you like it!

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