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  1. I LOVE Bridge Over Troubled Waters 😭 Take a Bow is a lot of fun! Pray sounds a lot better than the previous release I've always unironically loved Guiding Light so honestly I'm all over this cover 👌 Simulation Theory Theme could easily be the theme for a Mass Effect game (one of my favourite game series) - love the feel Fever's alright, not really my kind of thing Unintended lullaby is super sweet and precious
  2. Pitchfork visited Origin of Symmetry this weekend for an album review. It's a good read: you can find it here Pitchfork have always been hard on Muse (Black Holes 4.2... The Resistance 5.9... The 2nd Law 5.5... Drones 4.5... and Simulation Theory was the highest of the bunch with a 6). But here they actually gave Muse an 8.3/10!
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