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  1. I LOVE Bridge Over Troubled Waters 😭 Take a Bow is a lot of fun! Pray sounds a lot better than the previous release I've always unironically loved Guiding Light so honestly I'm all over this cover 👌 Simulation Theory Theme could easily be the theme for a Mass Effect game (one of my favourite game series) - love the feel Fever's alright, not really my kind of thing Unintended lullaby is super sweet and precious
  2. Pitchfork visited Origin of Symmetry this weekend for an album review. It's a good read: you can find it here Pitchfork have always been hard on Muse (Black Holes 4.2... The Resistance 5.9... The 2nd Law 5.5... Drones 4.5... and Simulation Theory was the highest of the bunch with a 6). But here they actually gave Muse an 8.3/10!
  3. I think it's been fixed on Spotify. Sounds like it to me, or maybe I'm overthinking it. Someone on a reddit thread also mentioned it was fixed on Spotify.
  4. First listen now: New Born: Not sure how to feel about this one. The snare is too loud. It does sound cleaner, but it makes it feel emptier to me. Also am I crazy or is the bass slightly out of time? Bliss: Doesn't sound much different (which they implied already given this was a single), other than Matt's vocals being a bit more at the forefront and it being a bit cleaner. Overall, improved. Space Dementia: Interesting new touch to the piano intro, sounds a bit more sci-fi. Halfway through now, and holy CRAP the strings are an incredible addition! This mix really captures the feel of a grand, epic space odyssey. Big improvement here, I love it. Hyper Music: Awesome! Angrier, more hardcore, explosive... love the screaming throughout, and now in the climax too - great addition. Plug in Baby: Not sounding too different so far (another single), but it was a classic on the original so that's fine. Citizen Erased: Already commented on this one, but I love this version. I wasn't as bothered by the drums here as I was in New Born for some reason. I do miss the sirens at the end, especially with the lead in to Micro Cuts, but the new strings bring in a whole new colour. I'm torn between preferring the original - which is my favourite song of all time - and the new version... but I might prefer the remix. Might. Micro Cuts: Did the song start a half beat late? Also, whoa, they weren't kidding when they said there was now harpsichord. Not yet sold on the new vocals throughout the song. The mix sounds a bit uneven at the end, and it's a shame they seem to have cut the panning. Honestly I can't help but think of Halloween/haunted houses with the additions. I prefer the original here. Screenager: Another one that doesn't sound too different. I love the original and everything I love about it is still here, but cleaner, so overall this is improved for me. Darkshines: The bass comes through really nicely here. LOVE the change to the guitar after the hook. Definitely prefer this version over the original. Feeling Good: Love the new strings. The extra fuzz on the bass is great. My only complaint would be that Matt's vocals seem to have been turned down right near the climax and lost. It's a shame, because it's a great scream. Futurism: Love this. Super clear Megalomania: Already commented on this one too, but it's fantastic. The intro is so much cleaner, the strings are simply FANTASTIC, and the organ is so much punchier. However, I think the final chord is less powerful than the original, since it sounds like it's just the organ now. The original had other instruments contributing to this huge wall of sound, plus rolling drums adding a bit of flavour, and those are missing. The rest of the song is definitely better though.
  5. I hope the album is out this year since every album since Absolution has come out every 3 years (2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018)... would be neat. If not, that's okay too, covid has understandably delayed lots of things. I'm just excited there's a new album! One day late, but Happy Birthday Matt! 🥳
  6. Sounds like you should read "1984" by George Orwell if you haven't already. It was a primary inspiration for that album, so a lot of connections can be drawn to all the songs (with the exception of the Exogenesis symphony at the end, which is its own thing) It's really neat to hear how personally Muse can speak to someone. They're my favourite band for lots of reasons ☺️
  7. Me too, it's really nice getting a little snapshot into their thoughts. I hope they do the whole album.
  8. Is that the one from Dom saying the producer is taking a nap? I think he was joking about his dog There isn't a confirmed producer yet, but my guesses are it's another self-produced album, or it's Costey (I hope!). They worked with him on the remix so it could make sense to keep the collaboration going even further. 100%! I totally agree.
  9. With the OoS remix releasing soon and them working on a new album, I feel spoiled ☺️ this will be a fun year for Muse content! After the remix is out, I bet the focus will go to the new album. Looking forward to searching for easter eggs in their studio photos...
  10. The 20th anniversary of OoS... being back in Teignmouth... I wonder if any of that will rub off on LP9? Whatever it is, I'll take it!
  11. Map of Your Head. I've been trying to get my partner into Muse more over the years and assumed he wouldn't like this one, but it's actually now his favourite Muse song? So I've been looking at it in a different way. It's a really light, comfy song; very raw yet gentle, and one of the more different songs compared to the rest of their discocraphy. The lyrics are of course not light and comfy, but thematically it fits in really well with Origin of Symmetry.
  12. Yeah it really does sound great. I always felt like the pipe organ needed so much more space than the original album gave it, and the remix has made it so much more grandiose. The strings too were greatly improved.
  13. Is it weird to find the cat meows in The Small Print charming? I dunno, something about the fact they were even left in the song makes me smile. Same with the rushing river water in Guiding Light.
  14. I loved the CE remix. It doesn't replace the original, but listening to it felt like I was discovering it all over again. Definitely sounds a lot cleaner, and the guitar reminds me of the live version. What I miss the most are the sirens at the end. I do love the strings that come out in the remix, but the ending doesn't feel as powerful. The Megalomania remix sounds fantastic. Looking forward to the rest of the album!
  15. Weird there weren't any Pacific Northwest shows. I'm in Vancouver and would have bussed down to Seattle if that had been an option. But nope, just gotta hope they can do a 2nd leg!
  16. Their banter was great :chuckle:


    That's true! I'm sure it'll work out.


    Yeah it sounds sweet - and coming out soon! I'm looking forward to The Outer Worlds a lot. Seems like a mix of Fallout New Vegas and Mass Effect and I loved both.

  17. And Happy New Year! :party:


    He was pretty entertaining! I thought the writing was pretty clever with all the references and inside jokes. The first episode especially had a lot of laughs. I love when Oliver was being the Flash for the first time and he didn't know what to do, so he just said "You have failed this city!". :chuckle:. Yeah I would have love for some cameos!


    I'm holding out hope. It's weird there are no Pacific Northwest dates, even like Seattle and Portland, and none in Western Canada. You could be right!

  18. Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had a good holiday!


    Elseworlds was great! I'm not watching Supergirl so it was nice to see a Superman on the show for the first time. I thought he was a likeable Clark Kent. I actually finally stopped watching Arrow, after watching the first few episodes this season :noey:. Last I saw he was still in prison, so clearly stuff went down to get him out by now.


    Still no Vancouver tour date :erm:

  19. That's what I'm thinking, yeah!


    Still no snow :noey:, just a lot of rain. At least I got my shopping done! (most of it :shifty:)


    Had finals for the last two weeks though, and lots of marking. Last one on Wednesday. Looking forward to a break! How about you?

  20. Even though I pre-ordered the album, I did too :ninja: I just couldn't wait!


    Yeah the gospel version isn't great either... ahh well. The visual style of the album and music video will translate so well live, too :yesey:. I'm picturing lots of lasers.


    YEP! Since we have Thanksgiving in mid-October here, we don't have a buffer between Halloween and Christmas, so the Christmas feels have been going around since November 1 :chuckle:. Hitting December is pretty exciting though. There's already snow on some of the mountains nearby. As always, hoping for a snowy Christmas! :awesome:

  21. Nice! :awesome: Have fun! Huh, maybe being a muse.mu member got you the code? I dunno. Either way I'm glad you got a ticket!


    SO good. Break It To Me and Propaganda are so ridiculously weird but they work so well! I love how in-your-face Propaganda is. I don't know why I wrote Dig Down in my last message, I meant Dark Side :facepalm: not a fan of Dig Down but The Dark Side is one of the best on the album for sure. I was a huge fan of it when it was released and it works so well on the album too. Yeah a lot of them are going to be so great live! I can already see them opening their concerts with Algorithm or their encores with The Void or something - they're both so immersive. Agree about the music videos too. Love the feel of them and they fit the album perfectly. :awesome:

  22. I just started watching Sabrina! I'm enjoying it. About halfway through the season. The production quality is really good.


    Thanks! :awesome:


    Yeah that's fair. The 2nd Law concert was my favourite so far. Also they'll most likely go back to their traditional stage rather than the 360. Vancouver hasn't been announced yet :confused:, nor has Seattle, so I wouldn't be able to bus down either. They haven't filled in the Pacific Northwest so I can only hope that means it's still to come - I'd love to go to the next concert.


    It's always fun watching the board when a new album comes out :D. I'm a huge fan of Algorithm - it's the perfect opener. I really like Propaganda and Break it to Me too (though my brother didn't at all). The other strong ones for me were Dig Down, Thought Contagion, and The Void. Also while I didn't like Something Human that much when it first came out, it grew on me when I listened to the album in order since it's kind of a nice breather after Propaganda/Break it to Me. What did you think?

  23. The crossover this year looks pretty cool. Yay! Glad you're enjoying Santa Clarita Diet! I actually started watching Titans and I was expecting it to be pretty terrible based on the trailer but I'm actually really enjoying it, especially after the pilot.


    The Supernatural episode was kind of a Halloween special and it was great! I know it's a few days after Halloween but I did end up carving a pumpkin. Not everyone got the reference. :shifty:




    Based on the tour dates does it look like you'll be seeing Muse this tour?

  24. I noticed the Alienist on Netflix when I was flicking through and it looked interesting! Unfortunately school has been a lot busier than expected :noey:. And I forgot I'm still not caught up on Preacher so I'm finishing up season 2. Flash and Arrow are both back now and both of them have actually gotten off to a promising start. Flash especially! I hope they keep it up.


    Any plans for Hallowe'en? I TA an astronomy lab on the 31st so I think I'm going to teach in my Star Trek costume... still deciding on a pumpkin carving too.

  25. I stopped watching the Walking Dead years ago now... my dad's been staying up to date but even he's been saying it's getting boring. I remember watching the premiere! Are you still up to date or did you stop watching too? I was surprised that they killed off Carl.


    Speaking of shows, I've been trying to find things to watch before my regular shows get back. Any recommendations?

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