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  1. lol, nevermind,thanks for the message Neil xxxx

  2. no no,you're younger than what i thought...

  3. the Hbones pic?? yayyy..:dance: remember that you promised..!

  4. what am i supposed to do now..?:( i'm just gonna have to kill it.. you sexy thing

  5. Luke:( i was wrong about that satisfaction..:(

  6. funny profile pic.. :LOL:

  7. ?yenoh syad eseht uoy era erehw

  8. has anyone ever told you that you look like Ashlee Simpson?

    don't get me wrong dammit,you look cute xD happy new year btw :kiss:

  9. Happy new year Ezraaaa :kiss:

  10. france is an unwelcoming country??

  11. Happy new year to you too Carina! :D

  12. The same with me :) i'm gonna ask you a question in a week.. :D

  13. Thank you my dear Auro! :kiss: happy new year to you too.. i'm wishing you the best! <3

  14. Thank you Elviiiii :kiss: happy new year to you too! <3

    how was 2011 so far?? :D

  15. That is so true.. :D

    i'm scared of 2011,don't know why.. or maybe not scared,just excited.. don't you feel anything?

  16. hmm,i don't know,i guess not. why do you say that?

  17. Heyyy! :) i'm fine,how're you?

    and you know,i don't think it's early to say "happy new year" i've been saying that to others since,like 2weeks ago :LOL: so yeah,happy new year to you too! :happy:

  18. Mad over what?

  19. yes you did :phu: but.. i still love you very very [..] much!

    *hugs Auro* :kiss:

  20. let's be friends now! :happy:

  21. oh you've enabled the visitor messaging option! and heyyy,when was your birthday?? 25th of December.. oh Happy birthday then! :D

    such a shame for a stalker to miss that :facepalm:

  22. i'll be waiting for you.. you and your kisses.. l love you too :) <3

    :kiss: take care of yourself.

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