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  1. Miss you toooo! <3 aw,why sick? :( and WHERE ARE YOUUU?? :D life's ok in here,how bout there?

  2. dafe pish cheghad man harf zadam inja! haha

    chera enseraf dadi?

    e? bahale ketabe? bekhoonam pas :)

    are are bayad bekhoonam (manam az nasihat kardan/shenidan khosham nemiad) :D pas alan miri uni yani dg,are?

  3. Happy Birthdayyy SuperLuke! :happy:

  4. well yeah,guitar's cooler! xD and uprising is not that old and the bass part is really awesome! :D

  5. awww! thanks:kiss: cruel internet :supersad:

  6. oh yeah! Uno and CAVE are really cooool :D i didn't know you play bass too! :happy:

  7. hey it's ok! :D mine goes insane too :LOL: <3 <3

  8. akh are,ba firefox miay ya explorer? man ba filtershekan miam! =( bad kar mikone..

    soore? nemifahmam! yani reshteye daneshgahie in namayesh ke migi??

    dars mikhunam "not".. asan heso halesh nis,tatilam! haha

    rastiiii in usernamet chiye? az konjkavi mordam.

    kelas zaban? mage English nemikhuni tu uni? man ke kheyli vaghte nemiram vali.. hamin safir o kanoon dg az hame behtaran meske! :)

  9. mishnasam baba! =)

    are kheyliii vaghte! man badak nistam,to chetori?

    eival,namayesh? namayeshe chi? :awesome:

  10. aaaa! che ajab :D bia tu chat

  11. olol xD yeah! :kiss: (L) <3 :heart: :awesome: => i love this smiley!

    ILU TOOOOO! :kiss:

  12. too bad you can't marry a sister! :(

  13. Their songs are so great,as always! =) though i haven't find my favorite songs yet but yeah "codex" is cooool :D yes,Thom has strong feelings :yesey: you can totally feel it in his songs.

    i went back to school today :LOL: i'm so lazy.. i skipped 5days!!

  14. BLISSS! :kiss: i'm alright,thanks! how are YOU doing?? <3

  15. spicy food is great,pepper makes everything(well not everything:D) tasty!

    "Lotus Flower'? hmm,i didn't know about the video. I should watch it:happy: yes,Thom is greattt! <3

    I'm alright,and about the news,well some stuff going on in my country,seems like there is some hope for change! but i'm still not sure..

    how are you? what's new with yourself?:kiss:

  16. yes! :dance: thanks Dom :kiss: loool

  17. hahaaaa lolll, hey,will you sign my boobs please? :erm:

  18. maybe you're just Dom,pretending to be Elvi :indiff:

  19. and he's wearing blueee :awesome: the same blue as your chat font!!

    aw,thanks.. our pics are kind of alike.. Brunettes taking black and white pics of themselves lol

  20. i didn't count,many times,hey it's ok.. i sent a pm to Alex! sometimes things turn against you :D i'm used to it :LOL: nice avatar+profile pic btw <3

  21. with firefox = white blank page!

    with internet explorer = i can only see my chat theme :s

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