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  1. aw thanks :kiss: anyways,how are you? <3

  2. i think i'm banned or something.. i can't enter the chat.. :supersad: what should i dooo?

  3. yes homeless people are so unlucky.. :( i guess that makes me lucky too!


    it's 6:30 am in here now,the sun's almost up:D i'd better get some sleep now,Good day K:kiss::kiss:

  4. i guess,that's kind of annoying people being racist.. but,well i would like to stand that expression and be an American :LOL: kidding,i'm actually ok with being an Iranian,cause we have great history :awesome:

    but yeah,you're lucky!

  5. i'm sorry for asking too many questions,but what's wrong with the government?

    you're just not appreciating what you have Kayley!

  6. travelling to the different parts of the world is fun,but i really don't get it. why don't you like America?

  7. you Americans.. lol,why?

  8. ok i'll tell. Iran now you're like :ohmy: terrorists loll

  9. not even close :LOL: you can't guess..

  10. you're free to guess :p

  11. you stole your brother's friend :awesome:

    those kinda frienships are really cool,she's 12 years older than you,so she can help you with a lot of "stuff" actually :happy:

  12. yes,definetly depends on the teacher :p you know..


    27? :ohmy: ok,that's weird,how do you know him/her?

  13. oh good for you,i'm never concentrating on what the teacher is teaching,haha.i'm always daydreaming :LOL: they're so boring :(


    can you get along with them well?

  14. well it's kinda cool,finishing school earlier,you're not wasting your life as much as others do,staying in some boring stupid classes pff, well good luck with everything


    maybe studying what older people are studying makes you look older too ;):LOL:

  15. but why homeschooling?

    20?hmm,well you look 18 to me :D and LOLLL married?? no wayyy,lolll

  16. oh homeschooling xD you can't skip days then :p

    and wowww,you look much older! :D

  17. not much,nothing fun,well there was something fun i didn't go to school for 2 days :awesome:

    how old are you by the way?

  18. see? there was some fun actually :happy:

  19. in your album!!! :D (yes,i'm a stalker) :D

  20. i'm alright,how about yourself? seems like you're having a lotta fun :awesome:

  21. sweets>korean food :D

    oooh,you had a very good mark with psychology:awesome:

    and we have the prefect weather in here right now :p

    and yes,i LOVEEEE Radiohead,and i've heard the newsss :dance: i can't wait :happy:

    aren't you excited?

  22. yum yum,sweets! lucky you

    15th would still be good,you can celebrate your birthday on 14th,and enjoy the show on 15th :happy: well i hope they'll go to Ukraine anyways :)

    watching a movie and having beer.. you had a nice Valentine's day by yourself then! ^_^

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